What is VR And How It Will Change Our Lives

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 08-Dec-2017

How VR changes our lives

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is nothing but a near reality. It lets you experience anything, anywhere and at any time. It can make you believe that you are at some other place using head-mounted displays which fits completely around your head. It creates a three-dimensional computer generated environment which uses two senses which are sight and sound. Using these two senses, VR creates a different experience which you can enjoy safely and can interact with. The virtual handset creates a 3-D experience that you can enter whenever you want using the handset. The VR headset blocks the outside world and creates the real-world experience which you can sense and control. Here are the following sectors which will be using VR in future more. 



Virtual reality is growing day by day. Healthcare industry will be the biggest adopters of VR. It will play the greatest contribution to the therapy of patients as it will let them do movements in an interactive way. So the therapies will not be boring anymore. VR will let doctors learn new skills in an interesting way without harming patients. You can examine reports, MRI and CT images which doctors can examine minutely through the headset like  Gear VR, VR One, and Google Cardboard. This technology is changing the health sector in a way no one has ever imagined. The health industry is now experimenting more ways they can incorporate VR in the industry for the betterment of patients and doctors. 



Have you ever thought of combining Virtual reality and Architecture? Well, VR can be a great option for architects as it can make their work so easy. It is difficult to travel and explore all buildings that could be because of different location or shortage of time. So the technology lets you take the virtual tour of your site, building whenever you want. It creates a scene that you are present there in real and even makes you feel that you are walking there. It is also beneficial for those who want to buy property but cannot go to different places to see houses. The near reality will allow you to open doors, roam around and explore the rooms of a house. 



Virtual reality makes the makes the major impact on the education system. Virtual reality can become the new form of training method and can be used in chemistry and biology labs. According to a survey, virtual reality proved a better method of teaching than the normal method. As humans grasp knowledge by looking and hearing more.


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