What is The Best Way to Test Mobile Web Applications

Posted By Priyanka Bhatt | 23-Apr-2019

Why it is so much important to test a mobile application?

According to the recent survey, around 3.2 billion people use mobile devices to access the internet. It has become an integral part of our day to day lives like Navigating to unknown places, Reading news, Sending an email to another person, Playing games etc. That is why mobile testing is very important for any website or applications for IT companies.


Nowadays, every person has at least one mobile device and everyone knows how important is to have a mobile application of high quality in order to be able to easily use it.

A tester is the only person who knows what to do to bring the application to high quality.


The main points and challenges we should face to test mobile applications:-

1. Devices selection

The real device is the best option if we want to test the mobile application. Testing on a real device always gives you the high accuracy of results.


Some actions that we should do while selecting a device for mobile testing:-

  • Choose devices with different OS
  • Choose those gadgets which are very popular in the market
  • Pay attention towards compatibility, memory size, connectivity of mobile devices
  • Choose devices with different screens resolutions


Advantages of testing mobile apps on real devices:-

  • Simple bug replication
  • High accuracy of the testing result
  • Ability to test mobile applications in a real environment and condition


2. Emulators and simulators

An emulator is the original device replacement. Though you can run apps on your gadget, you have no ability to modify them.

A simulator is to create a similar environment as the original device's OS and it does not replicate the device's hardware.

So, it is better to use the simulator to test the mobile application. The emulator is more appropriate for mobile site testing.



Mobile testing is a very crucial part of any IT companies, By performing mobile testing companies are able to provide high quality with high accuracy software application or website.

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