What is ODOO and why should you choose it

Posted By Vikash Patwal | 11-Jul-2018

What is ODOO? 

Taking the usefulness of OpenERP to another level, by and large, ODOO is a far-reaching suite. Not just it is open source and has ERP capacities, however, it has considerably more to offer separated from Enterprise Resource Planning functionalities. ODOO has the help of a dynamic network, is exceedingly adaptable and can be effortlessly tweaked according to your necessities. 


How can it Help your Business? 

By offering an expansive cluster of business benefits, ODOO enables your business to develop in an uncommon way. Here are the cardinal favorable circumstances conveyed by ODOO which make the ODOO Afghanistan worth picking and executing. 


It is Comprehensive 

In the event that your current ERP framework needs the functionalities which you have to help the activities of your business, at that point it's an ideal opportunity to change over to ODOO, as it offers an abundance of highlights and functionalities with more than 1000 modules which can be effectively conveyed to meet your business needs. With a functioning help from an online network, the heap of functionalities offered by ODOO will keep on increasing. 


It is Modular 

Being very particular, you can discover the modules which you have to help your business and can profit by the incorporated arrangements. 


It Possesses Advanced Technology Support 

ODOO depends on a progressed and up-to-the-minute innovation stack. These advances are updated every now and then and are fit for adjusting to the most recent standards. 


It Offers Low TCO 

Cost investment funds is a basic advantage conveyed by ODOO as it has low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). However, better innovation and higher usefulness make up for the underlying expense acquired on the execution of ODOO, yet there is likewise a wide exhibit of unmistakable and immaterial advantages conveyed by ODOO which makes it a very savvy arrangement. For example, the ODOO Afghanistan when executed in the business fundamentally lets down the authoritative costs, working costs, outdated stock, stock expenses and the upkeep costs. These immaterial advantages help in extensive cost reserve funds for the business. 



Not only the ODOO is simple programming to utilize, however it is additionally exceptionally adaptable as it can be effortlessly customized to fit into the particular business requirements of an organization. It underpins the constant advancement and versatility which is required by the associations keeping in mind the end goal to lead the market in today's' front line focused situation. 


No-Vendor Lock-In 

Being open source in nature, the ODO is allowed to download and simple to introduce. There is no permitting expense related with ODOO and since there is a huge network unified to this undertaking asset arranging and administration device, it guarantees the proceeded with help. Since, there is no particular gathering of individuals, engineers or experts that control the improvements to ODOO, the organizations can appreciate no bolt ins by a specific seller. The source code is adaptable which suggests the organizations utilizing ODOO can likewise apply their own patches for upgrading its usefulness, settling the bugs or to alter it.



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