What Is Virtual Reality Gaming

Posted By : Chandan Lunthi | 29-Mar-2018

Gaming is a very loved and vast software industry nowadays. There are so many types of games can be made, each type has its own flavor and owns fun. Virtual reality is a new kind of things which has been introduced in the industry. VR makes it possible to create a 3d environment and interact it with while playing games.


What is Virtual Reality Gaming?

VR is a kind of gaming where the user will experience being in the 3d environment and interacting with that during gaming. VR is can be understood in terms that one can sense, see, touch and use things which do not exist and imaginary. This feature can be combined with real things that combination called mixed reality.



Bio-sensors are a device which detects users movement for gaming to get their actions. These sensors can be fit in the gloves, suits, shoes, dresses and on other devices.

Example 1 -  You are playing a racing game and sensors has been attached to data gloves, these gloves will detect moments of the user that what is action player wants to take the moment, by detecting that direction and motion car will move.


Example 2 - If John is playing the football game, then the sensor will be added to the feet of the player. When the player will move and kick it will detect motion and accordingly action will be performed in the game.


This motion and action by the digital signal are passed to machine and machine converts it to the relative actions and same shown to the player, that make the player feel that he is inside game actually.


Virtual reality programming languages

There is some already specific programming language available for developers, some of those are:


  1. VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language): This is the earliest VR language which made for the internet.

  2. X3D: This language replaced earlier one VRML.

  3. COLLADA (Collaborative Design Activity): This language allows file exchanges within 3D programs

  4. 3DML: This enables someone to navigate a website via ready-made plugins.


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