Using Blockchain Can Do Wonders In Education Sector

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 26-Jun-2018

Using Blockchain Can Do Wonders In Education Sector

Blockchain Technology has sparked a new technological revolution across the globe. Being the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain not just powers the cryptocurrency landscape, but also has a myriad of applications in almost every industry. From Finance to Retail, from Healthcare to Real-estate, Blockchain Technology has got you covered. Apart from cryptocurrencies, over 90% of the use cases of Blockchain technology are in Digital Identity Management and Smart Contracts.


Among the potential use cases of Blockchain lies Education. While some Universities are already using this digital ledger technology for creating digital identity of their students, many people are still dubious whether this technology should be used in Education. However, it has been proved that using Blockchain technology in education can have talismanic effects. Digital Identity is just one way how Blockchain can be used in education. There is, in fact, a huge scope for that.


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Problems In Education Sector

As of today, the standard process of college examinations has become awfully slow which causes uneven delays in the grading process. When everything from sending copies to finalizing results is handled manually, it’s not just expensive and time-consuming, but also causes discrepency in results which is just not fair. At some places where still paperwork is involved, things get even worse.


On contrary to this, if we use Blockchain Technology in Education sector, it can very well do wonders for the students and examination cell alike. Blockchain can not only help in keeping the educational data safe and readily available but also cuts down the costs and saves time.

Many global educational institutions including MIT and University of Nicosia are currently running pilot programs to test their blockchain solutions in the education sector. This is a clear indication of how Blockchain is quickly picking up in the education industry as well.




Benefits of Using Blockchain In Education

Blockchain offers a number of benefits in streamlining the examination process. Some of the key benefits of Blockchain in education sector are listed below.


  • Elimination of Biasing

Blockchain creates an immutable record of stored data that can never be deleted or modified. This implies that once the results have been uploaded on Blockchain, there’s no chance to manipulate the result in any manner.


  • Elimination of Intermediaries

Use of Blockchain also eliminates the role of intermediaries. This further reduces any chances of biasing as the results will not be shared with any third-party who may try to manipulate the data.


  • Reduced Costs and Paperwork

Since there will be no paperwork involved and no intermediaries will be required, this will in turn help in cutting down the unnecessary expenses.

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