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Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 01-Nov-2019

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The advent of technologies like the IoT has simplified our living in unexpected ways. Currently, we are using IoT in almost everything including education, hospitality, manufacturing, home automation, asset tracking, and whatnot. The increase in demand for IoT app development services is an indication that organizations are using IoT to automate and accelerate various tasks at their organization. 


Lately, IoT has spread its wings in the event management industry. According to the inMarket survey on IoT devices and development, events and conferences experienced a 45% increase in interaction with attendees because of the beacon technology. 


Let’s explore how IoT is making differences in event management. 


Quick Event Registration: Attending an event is easy but its registration is difficult especially when you have to wait in a queue to get your registrations done. Beacons devices have made the registration process easy for attendees. Beacons are integrated with smart IoT sensors to enable attendees to register for an event with a scan or a QR code using apps by entering basic information. After successful registration, the visitors are allowed to check-in and are directed towards collecting the “welcome kit”.


Smart Networking: Beacons initiate smart networking with prospective leads. Visting an event to build a professional network can turn fruitful with beacon technology. Attendee’s badges are integrated with smart IoT sensors. Through geofencing, beacons can tell who is present in a room at a given time. Using the app visitors can gather details like name, employer, and designation. The technology can benefit both the parties. Through a quick Linkedin, research companies can initiate a meaningful conversation with prospective clients or convince them to invest in your organization.


Food and Beverage Guide: Eventgoers come to attend an event from different parts of the globe. Planning for their food and refreshments is considered integral for a complete event experience.  It is a basic requirement to arrange for food that caters to every eventgoer. Using beacons even management firms can guide their eventgoers towards their favored form of refreshments. Beacons provide ingredients or food component list to eventgoers so that they do not fall sick if they are allergic to ingredients present in the dish. Event organizers can use the data gathered through the beacons to plan for their visitors and their food preferences better.  


Floor Maps: Events taking place at large event locations often confuse visitors about the event they have come to attend. With several mini-events, they get confused and often lose track of where their event is. Beacon technology enables event organizers to prepare floor maps for their attendees to navigate without ever getting lost. The event app will provide every single detail about the event. Beacons alert to the attendees about the start of an event with the option to navigate to that event. Beacons are the perfect location identifier for mobile apps. 

Gamification: Gamification is an innovative way to keep eventgoers engaged. Event organizers use beacons to keep visitors engaged by pushing Q&A, tips, wow facts to the app as the event progresses. The participants with top scores can be rewarded for actively participating and maximizing the level of engagement.

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