Using Augmented Reality to Influence Consumer Decisions

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 13-Jul-2019

Augmented Reality to influence buyers decision


The adoption of augmented reality solutions has increased significantly in recent years. A variety of retailers use it to market their brands and create engaging experiential campaigns. Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative marketing tool/strategy that focuses on influencing the decisions of the customer. The technology focuses on establishing deep emotinal connection with the customer's products, brands or services.


AR-enabled shopping portals enable customers to have a virtual experience while shopping with them. Brands like Burberry Beauty, Shiseido Cosmetic Mirror, Warby Parker, Walgreens, Sayduck, use  AR to showcase and sell their online merchandise. AR is revolutionizing the shopping experiences of millions of customers across the globe. AR integrated apps display everything virtually on mobile screens so that customers can make the right choice. 


According to eMarketer research, 68.7 million people will use augmented reality at least once per month in 2019. With the growing users of AR technology, it is estimated that its reach will extend to 85 million users by 2021. 




In addition, leading brick and mortar retailers too are using augmented reality technology to market their brands at shopping centres. The technology overlays machine-generated(computer) information onto existing real-world views and is accessible through smartphone devices.  AR VR app development services are used to create interactive catalogues that influence the purchasing decisions of buyers. 



Augmented Reality is making a huge impact on popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. The platforms’ huge userbase is ideal for branding and marketing strategies that include innovative technologies like AR. 



Enables Customers to Virtually “Try out” Products


Augmented reality enables customers to virtually try out products. Online shopping portals use AR in their apps to add life to their 2D models. Many furniture stores use AR in their apps to enhance the user experience by displaying objects like faucets or furniture in actual spaces. For eg: Pottery Barn is a very famous 3D Room view app available on iOS.  The app enables customers to quickly stage new furniture items at home using an iPhone or iPad. The app provides an augmented view of the complete set of furniture for better decision making. Laura Alber CEO of WSI considers 3D rendering and augmented reality as fundamentals for driving and changing the shopping experience. Laura says that an online furnishing business deals with the selling of various expensive products.  Augmented reality is an innovative shopping tool that enables customers to visualize products in their space and enhances their shopping experience.


Virtual Reality 360 Degree Videos 


The concept of 360-degree videos got promoted through Google’s Street View, VR 360  degree videos. Now it is popular among leading brands and real estate industries and it enables them to gain the trust of their prospects.  Real estate developers use this tool as a digital marketing strategy to draw more views. The idea of virtual reality 360 degree videos is to provide propects precise idea of how their house will look like. The technology is now used by hospitality industry to stream videos on YouTube. AR is effective at providing real-time look and feel of services and products. 


Other applications of AR technology include -  



  • Navigation and Tracking: Augmented reality makes tracking and pathfinding easier. GPS navigator uses a smartphone camera to guide people with directions to their destination.


  • Better Training: Corporate meetings are easier to handle with AR technology. It virtually represents real-world objects in 3D, making concepts engaging and clear to team members.


Benefits of VR, AR and MR technologies can be recognized by online and offline businesses.  These technologies play a great role in improving brand engagement and improving revenues. Integrating AR, VR, MR with gaming apps or social media apps provides several interaction possibilities in a real-world setting. Creating a real-world environment for customers leads to a better online shopping experience, enriches learning and strengthens team collaboration.


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