Using Augmented Reality to Build Engaging Social Media Apps

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 18-Apr-2019

Using Augmented Reality for Building Engaging Social Media Apps

Augmented reality is making a big impact on popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. These platforms have a huge userbase that is ripe for branding and marketing strategies that include innovative technologies like AR


“Will AR impact social media?” is an often asked question. Brands and marketers are upbeat about it because they believe that AR in social media can help boost sales.


Oodles Technologies create robust mobile apps that have augmented reality features. We provide best in class AR VR app development services to derive maximum benefits from this emerging consumer technology. Our AR developers create interactive social media apps that can augment the outreach efforts of brands and marketers.


Oodles AR Services


Image Recognition Based AR Apps


Enabling visual search for intuitive product engagement and visual navigation


AR Gaming Apps-2D and 3D


Expanding the playfield with interesting characters that blend with users’ environment to keep games interesting


Business AR Apps


Educating users about the product, connecting customers creatively, and supporting remote workers effectively with AR apps


AR Apps for Commerce


Implementing marker-based and sensors-based AR to make shopping experience real and memorable


Location-Based AR Apps


Engaging consumers with visual methods like translating street signs, providing tourist location information, marking important spots, showing driving directions by combining AR with GPS, location sensors, and geospatial techniques


Let's explore how AR is useful in Building Social Media Apps



Social media integration with AR delivers unified customer experiences. Creative visuals resonate better with users for consumer products and services.   


     1. Generates High-quality Leads

Deploying advanced AR technologies to social media apps generate more leads for a business. Our developers integrate social media apps with shoppable AR technologies to improve sales through social channels.    


      2. Virtual Stores on Social Media

Augmented reality is effective for online shopping. It turns online shopping into a more engaging experience and creates realistic visual effects that entice users to buy a product.


       3. AR and Live Events

The prospect of attending live events from the comfort of your home is appealing to target audiences. AR is being implemented by different brands and organizations in the form of apps. For instance, the PGA AR app provides viewers with a more engaging experience


       4. AR videos

Interactive AR videos engage more with the audiences. Such videos are created to endorse a brand or educate customers on product usage. AR videos detail the customers about the USPs of the product so as to encourage impulse purchases.


    5.More Brand Awareness

People are persuaded by interactive advertisements created through  AR technologies. Such technologies create brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on audiences.


Concluding Thoughts

Various social media platforms are already linked to augmented reality. Marketers and brands are investing in AR apps to influence purchasing decisions. With the AR’s ability to encourage people in creating their own AR experiences and improving sales we can conclude that it will continue to gain prominence.


Are you planning to integrate Augmented Reality with your existing social media apps? Get in touch with our AR experts for engaging mobile apps today. We are an AR VR app development company that builds robust and feature-rich applications for enterprises across the globe. Apart from AR our experts are well versed with technologies like VR, MR, blockchain and more. Contact our experts now to avail discounts on our services!

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