Understanding the Amalgamation of AWS DevOps

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 22-Nov-2019

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The proliferation of mobile apps has increased pressure on developers to deliver mobile apps within deadlines. To accelerate this delivery software developers have to coordinate with system admin. The collaboration between DevOps and Operations is known as DevOps. In DevOps, the two teams(development and operations) work in tandem to accelerate the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC). 


AWS DevOps


What is AWS? 


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services provided. It is a broadly adopted cloud platform. that offers 165 fully-featured cloud-computing services from data centers globally. Companies are switching from private servers to AWS platform to store data without worrying about storing and computation.


What is Cloud Computing? 


Cloud Computing refers to the use of remote servers on the internet to store, manage, and process data on a personal computer. 

3 Categories in Cloud Computing


SaaS(Software as a Service)

PaaS(Platform as a Service )

IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)

Saas is a software distribution model in which third-party provider host applications. 

Combination of flexibility and simplicity

Provides complete control 

Installation and Maintainance of software is not needed and can be accessed through the internet

It can be tailored as per the application’s needs.

Organizations have to manage everything from the operating system or running an application 

Automatic Updates Reduces the work of IT staff. 

It does not require OS maintenance, versions, or patches. 



AWS is more of an IaaS(Infrastructure as a Software)

Why  Companies Require a Cloud Platform? 


Netflix, a popular video streaming service provider suffered a major database corruption in the year 2008. To prevent data corruption, Netflix opted for cloud storage because of its reliability, scalable, and distributed systems. 


According to Gartner, By 2020, a corporate “No Cloud” policy will be rarely seen as a “No-Internet” Policy today. 


What is AWS DevOps? 


AWS DevOps is a set of practices that automates processes between software development and operations team. 


We mirror the DevOps objectives by supporting DevOps on the cloud platform. Our cloud services support faster software development, configuration, container management, integration, and deployment.


What makes AWS DevOps a Popular Amalgamation? 

AWS CloudFormation: DevOps teams create and release cloud services and instances more frequently in comparison to traditional development teams using AWS CloudFormation. Templates of AWS resources include ECS containers, EC2 instances, and S3 storage buckets to facilitate setting up the entire stack without having to bring everything together. 

AWS DevOpsAWS DevOps


AWS EC2: AWS EC2 speaks for itself. It enables businesses to run containers inside EC2 instances for AWS security and management features. 


AWS CloudWatch: A monitoring tool that lets you track every resource that AWS has to offer. It also supports the use of third-party tools for monitoring such as Sumo Logic etc.  


AWS CodePipeline: A popular feature that simplifies the way of managing CI/CD toolset. It enables DevOps teams to easily integrate with tools like CodeDeploy, GitHub, Jenkins, enabling them to visually control the flow of app updates from build to production. 


Instances In AWS: AWS adds and creates new instances very frequently to its list. Customizations provided with these instances enables organizations to easily use AWS DevOps together. 


Would you like to shorten your software development life cycle? Our DevOps software development methodologies deliver applications and services with efficiency. Our DevOps model automates and accelerates the processes between software developers and operations teams. The aim of our DevOps cloud consulting services is to improve management processes, decrease cost and deliver end-to-end agility. 


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