Understanding The Role of Python In IoT Development

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 26-Dec-2019

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The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is visible in the automotive industry, agriculture, healthcare, warehouse management, and aviation. We as an IoT app development company receive requests for office and home automation systems. With IoT enabled home automation systems, homeowners can remotely control their electrical appliances including switch on/off A/C, refrigerators using IoT-enabled smartphone apps. 

According to Bain’s predictions, the combined markets of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2021 will increase to $520B. It is double the $235B spent in 2017.   

Analytics and Data-centre are going to be the fastest-growing IoT segment. That being said, investment in IoT will reach a 50% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2021. 

IoT is evolving and to meet the demands of the users of the technology it is essential to analyze which tool can cater to the demands. Various programming languages have proved to be successful in IoT development. The most efficient programming language is Python. Most of the IoT app developers choose Python programming language because of its coding flexibility in creating intelligent IoT solutions and devices. 

What is IoT?  


The Internet of Things is a network of computing devices. It consists of sensors, software, actuators, and connectivity.  The components of IoT enable businesses to connect, interact and exchange data. 

IoT Is used in Home and office automation to accelerate the work process at home and office and reduce the work of the homeowners. The intelligent smart IoT door locks prevent homeowners from thieves. IoT occupancy sensors installed in the washrooms reduce unnecessary consumption of electricity. 

IoT is used in patient-care to detect if the patient is taking medicines or not. The technology has a great scope for Alzheimer patients to detect their locations through the IoT wearables attached to their clothes. 

IoT and Python


  • IoT development requires a high-level programming language. A programming language that focuses on code readability.

  • Python is the IoT app developers’ first choice because of its dynamism and interpretation power. 

  • Python is easy to learn and it generally has few steps of implementation as compared to Java and C.
  • The multi-functional programming language is used for mathematics, software development, system scripting, and web development. 
  • Used for server-side development. Handles complex data with ease.
  • Runs Python on Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Windows easily. 
  • A fast programming language that runs on the interpreter. 
  • It is a Scripting language that enables developers to easily develop web and desktop applications. 
  • A functional, procedural and object-oriented language that can be translated to a binary language like java.  


Role of Python in IoT Development


IoT development requires a database to store generated data. MySQL provides IoT app developers the go-to relational database. It is the most convenient tool that evades the requirements to execute shell commands within a Python script.  In the IoT development other programming languages like C, C++, Assembly, Java, JavaScript, and PHP. Python is the developers’ favorite programming language when it comes to the development of IoT applications. 

  • Python has a clear syntax that gives developers the idea of code identification instead of {}
  • Its syntax is similar to the English language
  • Python has an interpreter system which it runs on. The developers can easily execute the code as soon as it is written. It also facilitates quick prototyping.  
  • Integration with other languages is possible while using Python. Python app developers can easily put their code in other programming languages including C++, Java, etc. 
  • An extensible language that enables developers to write programs with fewer lines.
  • It has code portability. The developers do not have to write new codes every time for different machines. 
  • An Open-source framework that is easily available for public download. 
  • Huge community support enables developers to create user-friendly apps each time. 


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