Understanding Cloud Computing

Posted By Kiran Bisht | 10-Mar-2015

Cloud is used as a metaphor for the internet. Cloud computing is defined as a kind of computing that depends on sharing computing resources rather of having personal devices or local servers to deal with applications.



Cloud Computing Services


Software as a service (SaaS)


SaaS is a method of delivering apps over the internet as a service. It runs on remote computer in the cloud that are connected to users and owned and operated by others. Without complicated maintenance and installation process, you can easily access it through the Internet.




Platform as a service (PaaS)


PaaS offers a cloud-based environment with everything needed to support the process of developing and delivering web-based apps, avoiding the expenses and complicated method of buying and maintaining basic software, hosting, and hardware etc.  



Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)



IaaS is a basic service model of cloud computing. It offers computing resources including storage, servers, networking, and data center space.



Cloud Computing Statistics


  • By 2015, end-user spending on cloud services could exceed $180 billion.

  • It is predicted that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018.

  • 82% of companies reportedly saved money by choosing the cloud.

  • Almost 60% of businesses utilize cloud for performing IT-related operations

  • There’s an estimated 1 exabyte of data stored in the cloud.



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