Try This If Your Apple TV Would Not Turn On

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 17-Nov-2017

Try This If Your Apple TV Won’t Turn On

Power related issues are very common in Apple TV or any other streaming set-top-box. Luckily, if the problem is not much severe, you can easily fix these issues at home all by yourself. This blog highlights different methods you can try at home to fix the power related issues on your Apple TV. So let’s get started!


Before trying anything, check all the connections and make sure all the cables including the power cord are connected properly. Also see the status light on Apple TV set-top-box and check if it’s ‘on’ or not. If the status light is off, try the below mentioned steps and see if that makes any difference.


  • Try to turn on your TV using Apple TV remote.

  • Connect the cable to a different power outlet.

  • Unplug the power cord from your Apple TV box. Wait for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.


Check HDMI Cable Connections

If that doesn’t work, the problem might be with the HDMI cable. However, if the real problem is indeed with the HDMI cable and not with the power cable, the status light will still be ON. So, if the status light is on and yet your Fire TV is showing a black screen, check if the HDMI cable is properly plugged into your Apple TV streaming box. Also check the connections to your TV, receiver or HDMI switch.


Also check your receiver settings. Make sure you have powered ‘on’ your receiver and television. Also check if the receiver has multiple HDMI ports. If that be the case, switching to a different HDMI port may fix the problem.


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Switch To Another Display Mode

Sometimes, the problem is not with the hardware but the Display Settings might be wrong sometimes. If you are seeing a black screen and the Apple logo flashes before it goes back to black, then the problem might be with the Display Mode you are using. Try changing the video resolution using remote.


  • If you are using the fourth generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K, press and hold menu and volume down button for five seconds and then release. The will show all the available resolutions on your Apple TV i.e a new resolution will switch every 20 seconds. Select OK to choose the resolution you want to set.

  • If you have a second or third generation Apple TV, press and hold menu and volume up button and follow the aforementioned steps.


Try all these steps to fix the issue and if the problem still persists, it’s time you should contact Apple support.  

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