Truths every IT professional should know about storage

Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 04-Dec-2014

Every techie knows how storage affects the performance of complete computing infrastructure. Fortunately advanced technologies that go beyond the boundaries of compliance, storage and management are reducing the pain as well as the expenses of storage. But to use them, you need to know about them first. Here is the list of storage truths every IT professional should know.



You are spending so much money on storage, but still no improvement in performance.


Optimizing your storage is not at all about purchasing brand new gadgets. Enhancing your storage is about determining whether or not your data is stored in the appropriate place. This discussion about data storage is beyond the fundamental concept of using inexpensive data storage tool (disk) and searching how your disk is configured when it comes to mirroring and replication. Professionals can dramatically modify the cost structure of ‘how your customers store data and their SLAs by making use of the same disk, but you need to configure it in a different way for every class of data.



Storage virtualization appliances


Did you know? Storage virtualization tools can provide you a single storage system for backups as well as live storage. The procedure of providing the users with access to technology and data resources is a painless issue of transferring volumes to other server that needs it, so the live can be managed and organized as simply as backup.   



Ease compliance and auditing


Vendors have rolled out many modern backup management tools. These tools can ease the pain of auditing process and can also help develop chargeback programs to authenticate internal service-level agreements for backups. Diverse backup management tools are widely available in market from different niche vendors to some mainstream, storage biggies.



Storage grid standard can finish proprietary storage management


Work is moving forward defining a grid file system, naming schemes, and creating a storage resource managers for grids. The group is associating with some other standard bodies such as Distributed Management Task Force as well as the Storage Networking Industry Association. The target is to allow proprietary storage sellers to create their gear.



Have you heard of Green storage technologies?


Yes, a technology than can cut your energy bills, and that too without any performance sacrifices. Storage might not be the biggest energy drainer in the data center, but advanced technologies can reduce its consumption power by almost 15%-20%. And even using the storage space in much organized way can reduce wasted capacity, which directly means spending less on storage.


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