Top Organizations Use NodeJS To Develop Robust Enterprise Apps

Posted By : Priyansha Sinha | 24-Oct-2018

Top Organizations Use NodeJS To Develop Robust Enterprise Apps

Ratifying NodeJS as a technology preference for enterprises has been a trend recently and is steadily gaining a foothold in the sector of applications development. To be precise, the last few years have seen a significant rise in the adoption of NodeJS, thanks to its tremendously rising popularity among the enterprise app developers.


In the existing technological landscape, NodeJS- the JavaScript runtime, is becoming the prime choice for building server-side applications. Well, amidst all the speculations about using this platform, a firm question still remains- can we really use NodeJS for formulating enterprise-grade applications? Let’s just find out.


Leading industries such as PayPal and Walmart are gaining performance optimizations and achieving a competitive edge by building NodeJS applications. Well, unlike traditional development methods, NodeJS composes app from smaller modules that are interconnected together and, therefore, it is considered to be the most-suited technology for the enterprise applications. With the help of this crescent JavaScript, the organizations can build a group of small apps rather than developing one huge application and if there is any change that needs to be implemented or by any chance new functionality has to be added, the whole code-base can be altered and further modified to meet the requirements.  


Benefits Of Using NodeJS For Enterprise App Development


I am certainly going to explain the vital facets in detail, however, there are a few clear benefits that I’m precisely mentioning here-


  • NodeJS is a politically neutral language
  • High-transaction environments
  • High performance
  • Simplified modifications and maintenance
  • Enhanced Effectiveness
  • Increased productivity
  • NodeJS offers a nonblocking I/O AP
  • NodeJS helps in building real-time applications
  • Fills the gap between backend and frontend developers
  • Codes execute faster
  • NodeJS is perfect for microservices
  • Bi-directional communication & Server Push


Business Advantages Of NodeJS For Building Enterprise Apps


Express-Innovation And Delivery


As there exists a tough competition between the companies with an aim to gain more user-base, the ability to iterate and the speed of delivery are some key attributes of the of the market leaders. NodeJS offers a seamless platform for enterprise applications development as it is comparatively faster than other JavaScript runtimes.


Moreover, the prevailing competitive scenario among companies demand instant reaction to the requirements of end users, inculcating user feedback, and altogether, updating the desired modifications periodically.


Cross-Platform Development


Platforms such as NW.js and Electron allows you to build cross-platform desktop applications with NodeJS. This simply means that you can utilize some of the codes from your Web apps in its original desktop versions for different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.


Not only this, highly innovative organizations are already aware of the fact that NodeJS is presently the most adaptable way to enhance coding efficiency, improve performance, and the overall happiness of the developers.


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Combining Microservices Pattern With NodeJS


With a huge project rolled up your sleeves, you might need to include some additional features while already delivering a top-notch performance to your users. But as soon as it starts getting even more complex, the introduction of new changes starts becoming a nightmare.


To be really honest, this is one of the most common problems of enterprise applications development. And the solution to this problem is the microservices pattern.


With NodeJs and Microservices amalgamated together, the enterprise-level apps deliver efficient deployment, less code, and better performance.


Few Of The Top Organizations That Use NodeJS for Enterprise Applications


  • Uber runs on NodeJS
  • DowJones gains benefit from NodeJS
  • GoDaddy uses NodeJS for high speed and good volume
  • PayPal trusts NodeJS for an increased productivity
  • Netflix chose NodeJS for writing the codes in a common language


A Final Note


NodeJS seamlessly fits in the enterprise world and can be adopted by several thriving industries as well without giving any second thoughts to it. Further to this, PayPal has announced to roll out NodeJS across their entire web apps which signifies that NodeJS will be used almost everywhere within the next couple of years.


If you also want to reap the benefits that NodeJS holds within and want to build progressive enterprise-grade applications for your organization, let us know. We offer avant-garde NodeJS Application Development Services that are specifically crafted to boost your business revenues.


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