Top Open Source Tools for Testing DevOps

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 08-May-2018

open source for testing DevOps

We live in the time of automation. Do you wish to build your own test automation framework? There are plenty of open source options available. There are a lot of tools which makes regression testing very easy. These are some of the best DevOps testing tools. 

1. Appium
Appium is an open source tool mobile application on platforms like iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms. It is a great UI testing framework which allows hybrid, native and mobile app testing. The one thing that makes Appium extremely popular is, the cross-platform app testing that allows you to write the test against Android, ios and Windows using the single API. Appium is easy to set up and is made of simple applications. These factors make the Appium so popular. 



2. Cucumber
Cucumber is yet another amazing tool based on Behaviour-driven Development (BDD) framework. Cucumber is a DevOps Software tool which is written in Ruby programming language and then extended to Java framework. The Cucumber lets the functional validation in a lot easier and reliable format. The cucumber can be used along with the Selenium and capybara etc. It supports many other languages such as  Python, PHP, perl, and Net. 


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3. Jenkins
Jenkins is open source Continuous Integration tool which is written in Java. It automates server tasks which include, testing, building, and even software deploying. The installation of the Jenkin tool is a lot easier than others as it comes with the WAR file. Since the Jenkins is written in Java, therefore it is easy portable to other platforms. It is compatible with all of the operating system. 


4. Maven
Maven is a build automation tool which is used for Java, Ruby, Scala, C++ projects. Maven lets the project t be created using the project object model (POM). It uses the file in XML to explain the project. It is hosted by the Apache Software Foundation. Maven makes the java programming very easy. 

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