Top CRM Trends to Watch in 2018

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 07-Aug-2018

CRM trends 2018


CRM is not a new field, in fact, it is growing rapidly because of the mobile technology and cloud computing transformation.  With the growing digital era, the expectation of customers of how the company interacts with them is also changing. 

CRM is known for serving and supporting customers at every stage. It helps the organization to build a strong bond with the customer. With the growth of cloud in business, there is an exponential increase in the CRM, this provides employees with the right data about their customer at the right time.


To help you stay ahead of everyone, look at these trends that will transform the customer support in 2018:


IoT integration
The world of business is changing almost every day because of the use of the internet. It has definitely become an integral part of everyone’s life. Not only human beings, but devices can also communicate with each other, all thanks to the internet. CRM creators have taken a step forward by integrating with the internet of things (IoT). It is always great if customers are able to get the right information about the company, product, delivery date and time. The relevant data improves the customer experience, hence they will end up buying more products own rather than working with a sales representative. 


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Integration Of Big Data Analytics to Your CRM
Big data is defined as the big voluminous data that can be either structured or unstructured. To get the full advantage of Big Data, the company needs to invest in the good Customer Relationship Management Software. The increase of customer data in CRM has helped in increasing the customer support. The CRM can track the data trail left by the customers and use the data in a rational way.


AI-Powered Workflows
AI helps in regulating the daily tasks within the CRM which evolves regularly to deliver the best solution to the customers. AI will help you perform certain tasks like updating data, data entry and retrieval. Artificial intelligence plays a big role in the CRM system and streamlining the work process. It is now expected that more and more organizations will be utilizing the artificial intelligence into their CRM. 


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This year, the CRM space will be completely transformed and bring some good changes for the customers around the globe. Companies should look for more ways about what else they can implement for the betterment of their company and customers.


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