Top 9 Reasons for Choosing AWS to Host Business Applications

Posted By Asha Devi | 17-May-2019

Cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) is completely scalable and focused to meet dynamic business requirements. Here are some reasons that highlight why several leading businesses prefer to use AWS.


Benefits of AWS for businesses


Amazon Web Services(AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing platform has millions of users accounting for 40% of the market share. It provides more than 70 services for businesses of all kinds. AWS cloud service from Amazon is available as building blocks. They are essential for creating and deploying scalable applications on the cloud.


Let us understand the key reasons for choosing AWS to host business applications


How businesses use AWS


Amazon web services are used to create and launch services. A few of them are:


  • Host client facing websites

  • Host internal applications

  • Store files and data on the cloud

  • Create managed databases

  • Perform data analytics

  • Create content delivery networks


Some of the widely used domains in a business along with the services are:


           Domain: Services

  • Compute: compute workload

  • Storage: data storage

  • Database: database workloads

  • Migration: data transfer from or to AWS infrastructure

  • Networking and content delivery: isolate network and content for faster delivery of content

  • Management tools: manage other cloud services

  • Security, identity, and compliance: manage authentication and security

  • Messaging: queuing, notifying, and emailing


Top 9 reasons to choose AWS for hosting business applications


1. Cost-effective:


AWS is a flexible cloud computing platform that provides a pay-as-you-go pricing service. Moreover, Amazon offers a discount on lump sum upfront cost and volume-based discounts. In addition, the TCO calculator or the monthly calculator enables you to estimate the monthly bill and customize your usage as per the budget too.


2. Flexibility and scalability:


AWS offers the best flexibility and scalability as compared to the other cloud service providers. You may choose the OS, language, database, and upload software as required. You can scale services up and down, access server as per the need, and thus manage costs effectively.


3. Disaster recovery:


AWS delivers 99.95 percent uptime and the resources are available anytime. Moreover, the applications can be set up in several regions or at any remote location to prevent an outage. In addition, you can achieve high performance at lower costs. The versatile AWS platform speeds up the recovery period with the right tools.


4. Scheduling:


Instances can be predetermined for the required hours. For example, the Elastic Compute Cloud or the Relational Database Service (RDS) can be scheduled to run throughout leaving the off-hours or weekends.


5. Security:


AWS provides an appreciable level of security irrespective of the size of the company at lower costs. You can increase the level of privacy, save your business from DDoS attacks, manage authentication, set permission, and encrypt sensitive data.


With AWS CloudHSM, you can integrate your applications with industry-standard APIs like PKCS#11, Microsoft CryptoNG libraries, and Java Cryptography Extensions(JCE). Manage your encryption keys with FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated HSMs.


Moreover, AWS has compliance programs that provide real-time insights into suspicious activities and other potential vulnerabilities.


6. Easy to use:


Hosting your web application is secure, easier, and quicker. AWS provides authority over the data and you can communicate effectively in business meetings by exclusively sharing relevant data. AWS tags are customizable as per customer requirements and can be monitored and managed effectively.


7. Third party APIs:


You can programmatically manage the infrastructure with APIs available in varied programming languages. It is easy to launch a new instance or take backups. It automates multiple instances through a single script and backup management. Thus, you can save time and cost.


8. Reliability:


With AWS, you can have a reliable global infrastructure. AWS offers an end-to-end approach to secure your infrastructure including physical, operational, and software. It keeps the public cloud running better than other cloud service providers.


9. Global presence:


AWS has its global presence in several categories like business productivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), messaging, application services, game development, management tools, migration, analytics, networking, Internet of things, and more.


Our cloud services experts are adept at providing you maximum advantages of Amazon web services.


AWS services available at Oodles:


AWS consulting services:


We assist you to adopt AWS cloud for critical business applications and achieve desired results.


AWS cloud security:


With AWS cloud HSM (hardware security module), we help you meet compliance requirements. We assist you to avail fully-managed services like automated administrative tasks, high-availability, hardware provisioning, software patching, and back-ups.


Cloud-based blockchain solutions:


We simplify technical complexities, operations and bring agility to your infrastructure by implementing blockchain as a service model (BaaS) for your IT ecosystem.  With AWS Cloud HSM-tamper-resistant hardware, we help you prevent unauthorized users from attempting to open/damage the device, plug subtoken keys, or add other devices.


AWS IoT managed solutions:


We, at Oodles, ensure that IoT devices work securely. With our AWS IoT managed solutions, onboard your devices at a faster rate, organize them into groups, locate devices in near real-time, and remotely manage them.


Oodles technologies enable you to manage backups and the servers running on AWS cloud. We save your team time and assist you to utilize AWS resources precisely. Whether you have a small business, medium business, or an enterprise, we meet your unique requirements.


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