Time Saving Facebook Tools to increase ROI

Posted By : Jatin Dabas | 11-Jan-2016


The ad tools Facebook provides a lot of difference when it comes to time saving and effort involved in your campaigns.
Here, in this article you’ll discover 4 tools that save a lot of time and increase ROI (Return on Investment).


1) Ads Manager by Facebook


Fb introduced the ads manager targeting mobile devices back in 2014, and recently launched a stand alone ad manager app for iOS. It helps in tracking the performance, edit the existing and revise the ad budgets. This is quite simple in usage and yet very powerful and provides ease of convenience. It allows creating new ads for a page or also lets you import.


  2) Exclusion Targeting of Facebook Ads


Facebook keeps on adding more and more defined option for targeting in the ad manager. This provides for the possibility to incredibly fine groups of people even zeroing down to some particular individuals. With the entry of this Exclusion Targeting, it removes redundancy while marketing. If one person has been targeted once, he won’t be targeted again. This reduces the CPC (cost per click) and helps saves the money invested.


  3) Qwaya Tool


While split testing your Fb ads is still an option but in order to obtain some really informative info from it, the usage of an automated tool is highly advised. Enter Qwaya, a paid tool with a vast variety of features like campaign organizer, ad scheduler, automation, etc. The USP of Qwaya is its feature where you can you can automate A/B Testing (Split testing). This makes this tool worth every penny


4) Hootsuite Ads


Hootsuite’s recent announcement about their partnership with Facebook means that features like auto-generating facebook ads, based on current organic posts will be made available. It will survey you page on Facebook and look for best ads to promote. It will also apply its targeting automation and bidding algorithms to launch those. Hootsuite is known for its ease of use and user friendliness so that means that any rookie can operate it for managing social ads on Facebook.


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