Things to Consider While Developing Video On Demand Apps

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 26-Feb-2019

Things to Consider while Developing Video On Demand Apps

People have experienced digitalization with the technological advancements they have experienced. With a range of content available online, people have switched from television content to the videos that are available online. These video streaming platforms enable users to watch their favorite video even while traveling. This convenience has raised the standards of online videos, especially amongst the youth.


With an increasing demand for such platforms, companies are coming up with ideas to invest in a video streaming app. Before proceeding ahead with such apps, companies should consider reading the below-listed points so that they stay ahead of the rest in developing Video On Demand Apps.  


Easy Screen Sharing/ Mirroring Option


A mobile application has changed the way people used to gather information, watch movies, plays or series. With video on demand applications, it has become easier for people to watch movies without downloading them on their systems. Video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu also offer screen mirroring option with which users are able to watch their favorite movies on television screens.   Therefore, while developing a video streaming mobile application, it is important for the app developers to add a screen sharing feature so that people feel convenient of using that application time and again.


Integrate Real-Time Analytics


A successful application demands constant assessment. The software developers who regularly check the analytics of applications they have designed will help prevent the apps from downtime or fraudulent activities. Including this feature will help them evaluate the performance of videos in real-time. With a quick assessment, the admin will be able to check viewers graph and the video has generated maximum traffic on their video streaming platform.    


Easy to Register


Registration on any mobile application is a key factor to access that app. It is important for mobile application developers to provide users with a registration facility. Registration helps the admin and the users to get time to information about the renewal of the app. It updates the customers about new videos or movies that are recently added to that app.


Search and Watch List


Users are not app developers, therefore, providing an easy interface to operate an application is important. Various video streaming platforms hide the watch list which makes it difficult for the users to access all the videos easily. Including the watch list will help app users of different age groups to easily access the applications anytime, anywhere. A lot of times, it is observed that app developers do not include watch list on the first page, which makes it difficult for some users to check what all videos are running live. Also adding a search bar probably on top of the first page of a video streaming app helps customers easily search videos in a short duration.


Payment Gateway Integration


Some video streaming platforms like YouTube charge its customers a fixed amount for playing certain videos or movies. Paying for one movie at a time is an expensive deal for the users to avail this facility of movies on demand.  Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have started charging customers a subscription amount which is comparatively cheaper for the users to avail. Also while offering subscription facility, developers should integrate apps with smooth payment gateways like wallet apps, debit/credit cards, PayPal and more. Additionally, mobile app developers must not forget to offer multi-currency support in these video-on-demand apps.

With an introduction of videos on demand apps, the entertainment industries have experienced rapid growth. Companies are now coming up with video streaming ideas and asking app developers to design feature loaded Video On-demand Apps. Do you have an app idea related to video on demand services? Get in touch with Oodles Technologies for solutions on Video streaming App Development and iOS development solutions. For more details on application development services get in touch with our experts now!



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