The importance of a requirement traceability matrix

Posted By : Pratyush Kumar Singh | 29-Jul-2018

What is the Traceability Matrix? (TM)

A Traceability Matrix could be a document that corresponds any two-baseline documents that need a many-to-many relationship to visualize the completeness of the connection.

It is needed to track the requirement and to visualize the present project requirements meets fully.

What is RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix)?

Requirement Traceability Matrix or RTM captures all necessities projected by the shopper or computer code development team and their traceability during a single document delivered at the conclusion of the life-cycle.

In different words, it's a document that maps and traces user demand with check cases. Importance of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to make sure that every test case is covered so that no functionality ought to miss doing computer code testing.

Requirement Traceability Matrix – Parameters embody

  • Requirement ID
  • Risks
  • Requirement kind and outline
  • Trace to style specification
  • Unit check cases
  • Integration check cases
  • System check cases
  • User acceptance check cases
  • Trace to check script

Types of Traceability test Matrix:

Forward traceability: This matrix is used to examine whether or not the project progresses within the desired direction and for the proper product. It makes sure that every demand is applied to the merchandise which each demand is tested totally. It maps needs to check cases.

Backward or reverse traceability: it's wont to guarantee whether or not the present product remains on the proper track. the aim behind this sort of traceability is to verify that we tend to don't seem to be increasing the scope of the project by adding code, style parts, take a look at or alternative work that's not laid out in the wants. It maps take a look at cases to needs.

Bi-directional traceability: This traceability matrix ensures that each one needs area unit lined by taking a look at cases. It analyses the impact of an amendment in needs stricken by the Defect in a very work product and the other way around.

Advantages of demand Traceability Matrix:

  • It confirms 100 percent take a look at the coverage.
  • It highlights any needs missing or document inconsistencies.
  • It shows the defects or execution standing with attention to business needs.
  • It helps in estimating the impact on the QA team's work with respect to revisiting or re-working on the take a look at cases.
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