The HomeCam App On Apple TV Receives A Major Update

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 14-Mar-2018

The HomeCam App On Apple TV Receives A Major Update

The HomeCam app that allows you to view and manage the live streams from your HomeKit cameras has lately received a major update on Apple TV. With HomeCam, you can view all the running streams at the same time thereby making it easy for you to manage all your HomeKit cameras. This is apparently the biggest update received by the app as it adds a number of exciting features and brings some crucial fixes to the previous version. In this blog, you will get a brief overview of the app and the features it brings along.


The iPhone App

The app is available on both iOS and tvOS platforms. You can also access it on your Mac. When used on iPhone, the app can be used to view all your feeds at the same time. Well, what’s new is that now you can also add it to your widget view. All you have to do is swipe to the left and you can see the live feed from all your cameras. That way you can have an instant access to all your HomeKit cameras anytime you want.


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Using It On Apple TV

Using Apple TV is probably the best way to monitor the live feed from your HomeKit accessories. You can use it as a security monitor for your home, shop or company office.


The tvOS version of the HomeCam app has also received some major changes in the recent app update. While you are viewing the camera feeds on your Apple TV, you can animate between them by tapping on the sides of the Siri TV remote.


Another thing you can do now is Auto Cycle the different HomeKit video feeds on your Apple TV. For doing that, you just have to swipe down from the top.


The new update also features Data overlays that represent different levels of environmental info over the live feeds. Another cool feature that has been added is that you can control the HomeKit accessories right from your camera feed. For example, let’s say you are watching the live feed of your terrace and at any time, you want to turn on the lights. You can do that on the HomeCam app either. Just press and hold the middle of your Siri remote and you’ll get a modal with all the room accessories.

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