The Future of Manufacturing ERP

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 30-Aug-2018

The era of digitalization has played a pivotal role to boost the growth of almost every industry such as healthcare, defense, education, manufacturing and many more. Just like any other industry, ERP has boosted efficiencies across the manufacturing industry as well. By implementing ERP into the manufacturing process has its own perks such as reduction of production costs, streamlining process and increase in company’s revenue.


With the further advancements in technology, ERP for manufacturing is going to get better in the near future by leveraging technologies such as IoT, AI, and ML. Not only that, the cloud-based ERP software is perfect for empowering manufacturing companies. 


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What does the future hold for ERP for manufacturing industry?

These trends will put some light on the future of ERP in the world of manufacturing.
Mobile ERP
The next big thing in the world of ERP in the manufacturing industry is the mobile ERP. The Mobile-based ERP along with the cloud-based ERP system will help in analyzing the sales trend, pricing, warehouse tracking much easier than ever before. Nowadays there are apps for almost everything such as sales force, delivery, warehouse and other services which have obviously transformed the whole face of the ERP system in the manufacturing industry. It has become very important to have mobile apps, it helps in solving problems instantly, reduction of wastage etc. 


Warehouse Automation
Warehouse Automation plays a very important role in the field of industrial manufacturing ERP software solutions. The manufacturing companies will also start offering warehouse automation that will include Radio Frequency Automation integration and tracking. 


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 Powered by AI 
AI has already gained a lot of popularity since quite a long time now, that same AI can help you boost the efficiency in the manufacturing process. Artificial Intelligence provides convenient tools that make the decision making a lot easier. It can make the manufacturing process easier and less costly. 


ERP software for manufacturing has come a really long way and thus it's the right time for the companies to invest in this technology. Looking for ERP solution services for your company? Look no further, Oodles technologies can help you centrally manage your paymnets, payrolls and business processes on a mobile app, Visit us



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