The AI Revolution In Mobile Industry

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 22-Oct-2018

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The Mobile Industry

Artificial Intelligence has played a vital role in establishing human interactions with machines and other types of smart devices. After so many years of transformations through AI, there’d be hardly any industry that has been kept devoid of this state-of-the-art technology which is changing the way businesses work. As a matter of fact, the growth shown by AI in terms of applications and use cases is phenomenal in every way. As per the expert predictions from tech gurus, the AI market is expected to surpass $40 million in 2022 while the AI applications market will reach close to $10 million by that time.


Over the last five years, there has been over 200% growth in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence across various industries. Out of this over 50% growth has been witnessed in the mobile industry. Virtual Assistants, interactive Chatbots, Internet of Things and Smart Search Engines are just some of the many applications of AI in the mobile industry. This blog focuses on how Artificial Intelligence will transform the mobile industry in the coming years.


Virtual Assistants

The advent of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and OK Google has paved new ways for an entirely new domain where human interactions with machines are transforming the lives of millions of individuals. However, despite the availability of these virtual assistants in different forms (software/hardware), they are not even half as advanced as they could have been. We are talking about a future where humans can interact with machines just as they interact with other human beings. A future where we don’t have to rely on a plenty of voice commands that the machine is supporting but we can talk to it without even realizing that it’s just a machine. Imagine what you have been seeing in the movies for so many years, it now seems attainable. With the ongoing advancements in Machine Learning and Contextual Learning, these virtual assistants may soon become our best friends, someone with whom we can share our crazy experiences and not feel embarrassed about it.  


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The Evolution of Chatbots

Chatbots have been around us for decades now. It’s just that they couldn’t go mainstream up until the last few years. Ever since the chatbots came into existence, they have enthralled the users with their startling aspects. Perhaps the greatest virtue of these AI-powered bots is that you can’t really tell that the person on the other side is a human or machine unless you know that it’s a machine. Well, just so you know, this is something that virtual assistants cannot do, not as of now at least.


Chatbots are actively being used in customer support for providing an extraordinary conversation experience to the users, reducing human efforts at the same time. The beauty of a chatbot is that it can communicate with a large number of people at the same time, thereby reducing human efforts and cutting down the expenses. Not only do they communicate with people, but also keep learning with each conversation they have with the humans. As time goes by, these chatbots are very likely to become a crucial part of the customer relationship management and we’ll see a widespread adoption of this technology in every field in the near future.   


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Camera & Photography

Artificial Intelligence has already made its presence felt in the camera features and smart photography. The native camera apps in Smartphones can now recognize objects, faces, locations and much more. The Face ID functionality that came along with iPhone X is a perfect example of AI in action. After being introduced in iPhone X, the feature has rolled out to many other smartphone brands. Be that as it may, the Face recognition features in cameras are getting so smart these days that it’s now possible to accurately recognize a face even if the person has grown beard, wearing sunglasses or any other light accessory or jewelry. Seeing these tremendous advancements in phone cameras, it seems quite obvious that AI will take this to the next level and it may soon be possible to detect surroundings


Believe it or not, AI is just getting started. And as the time goes by, we’re going to see it revolutionize not just the Mobile industry but every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

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