Take Live Events To New Heights With Interactive Video Streaming

Posted By Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 20-Dec-2018

Interactive Video Streaming

Live streaming technology is here to stay, it’s not a trend to vanish after a certain period of time. It is becoming one of the most dominant modes of communication in this age of social networking. According to a study, more than 75% of people online are habitual lovers of Facebook Live videos. In this blog, you will get to know how you can take your live events to new heights using interactive video streaming.


Most of the live video streamings fame is all around feedbacks, polls, discussions, and suggestions etc. and still they are not called interactive components. Interactive live streaming may appear as a new trend but audiences have been associating with video experiences from a longer period of time.



How to begin with an interactive live stream

With any video communications, while taking the services of live streaming solutions or interactive video platform, you must take care of your objectives first. What experience you would like to provide to your audience through a live appearance? What are the results of your key business? Despite the viewers, the key aspiration of the business video must not change, It must reflect the key message through.

Take care of the following points to build a successful live video


Delivery should be smooth: Where and on which media platforms, viewers are viewing this video content?

Interactions should be thoughtful: How can we make the experience smooth by layering additional content? It can be by using slides inside the live streams.


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Modes through which Video streaming can take your enterprise’s communication to a new level


Building influential keynotes for the conference: Marquee events are a heavy investment when it comes to the enterprise sector. A number of brands are now charging money for video recordings of conferences, giving access to their web of knowledge to the persons who are paying the price of an in-person ticket. While live streaming these essential keynotes they use social media and the press to create a buzz of their event.


Giving timely updates of the product to consumers: Videos based on the updates of products are actually an essential and speedy mode to associate with your current as well as your potential customers, as most of the people like to go for a video rather than reading the product update.



In a nutshell, interactive video streaming is here to stay for a longer period of time and videos impact more than text format for the same information. For this, Oodles Technologies can be your partner, if you want to make interactive live streaming videos. We are also expert in kaltura video streaming.

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