Snapchat To Launch Augmented Reality Art Platform

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 03-Oct-2017

Snapchat art platform

Last year, snapchat acquired an augmented startup called Cimagine. Using that, Snapchat is planning to launch its augmented reality art platform that will feature arts by some of the great artists like Jeff Koons and much more. The details about this augmented art platform are out and people want to more about it. With the art platform, users will be able to pin art to any specific location they want and they will be able to see it when they will keep their phones in the correct location. The feature will be introduced with the Koon’s art from around the world like Sydney, Paris and Las Vegas.



According to the reports, Snapchat is collaborating with the artists to publish their art pieces on snapchat’s augmented reality platform. Snapchat has also launched a countdown clock to 3 PM over a photo of the central park and New York's skyline on the site Group of technical people have decoded the meaning of clock and found out it is related to CEO Evan Spiegel's talk a Vanity Fair’s New establishment summit. The feature can be used to create animations of whatever you see through the rear-facing camera. Snapchat is trying its best to compete Instagram and Facebook. After so much innovation, snapchat is still behind its competitors. 



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The reason being is that they copy snapchat’s new features as soon as it launches them. By taking inspiration from facebook, Snapchat has launched the 3D world lenses which can be used for adding floating animations. The way it will work is still not clear for that we all have to wait for its launch. Snapchat has similar features as of Pokemon Go called geofilters. It lets its users unlock the filters to certain locations. When they will be near a piece of art, they will see lense. The lens indicted the availability of an art. 

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