Snapchat Adds New Features To The iOS App

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 24-Jan-2017

Snapchat Adds New Features

The new update of Snapchat finally arrives on the iOS platform after a slight delay. Snapchat launched its new and redesigned version of the app on January 23, 2017 and the update is now available on the App Store. The update brings several new features along with a whole new Search Bar which now appears on the top of the app. The update also revamps the UI of the app and makes it more user-friendly than it ever was. The android version of the app had been launched earlier this month while its iOS counterpart was going through some final beta testings.


As a matter of fact, the Snapchat app has long been criticised for its complicated navigation functionality. Owing to the secret swipe screen gestures, the beginners found it hard to figure out how to use the app in the first place. To make things worse, there was no Search Bar anywhere in the app which also made it difficult to find the persons you are looking for.


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Snapchat iOS Update: What’s New?

Luckily the new Snapchat update makes things easy for you as it brings the new Search Bar for the first time which lets you find people, groups, publishers and stories. In the new app, tapping on the Search Bar takes you to a new screen with different search options. On the new screen, you can see all your friends, the people you have recently added along with a Quick Chat feature which lets you chat with your friends instantly. You can also see your contacts who are using Snapchat and also the ones who are not using Snapchat. Based on your preferences, you can add friends from your contacts or invite the people on Snapchat. On top of the screen, you can type the name of a person, group or story to perform an instant search.


Other Notable Changes

You can also see the mini profile of your friends by tapping and holding their contact card. Also a ghost icon now appears on the top left right before the search bar. Tapping on that icon shows your own profile. When you open your profile, there’s another icon on the top left corner with a (+) sign followed by “Create Bitmoji!” text. Bitmoji is your own customize cartoon avatar which will be shown to the people in your friend list. While creating a Bitmoji, you can choose from a huge library of stickers and customize your own version. However, to create a new Bitmoji, you first need to download the Bitmoji app as an add-on.


The Bottom Line

However, despite of adding these new features, Snapchat hasn’t changed the core functionality of the app. For instance, it still supports all the prevalent swipe screen gestures. It’s just that new shortcuts have been provided making it easy for the users to navigate. While Snapchat claims that the new update aims to revitalize the user experience and increase the user engagement, it can’t be denied that it has something to do with the increasing popularity of instagram among youth. Instagram has also added the famous ‘Stories’ feature in its app which also happens to be the most dominant feature of Snapchat itself. Not only that, Instagram is witnessing over 150 million daily users using this feature which is quite close to Snapchat’s own statistics. So it was quite obvious that Snapchat is going to come up with a new and more powerful update. Now it will be interesting to see if that makes much of a difference.  

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