Reshape Your Services With The Cloud Development Technology

Posted By Priyansha Sinha | 14-Aug-2018

The Cloud Development Technology

The lightning transformation of cloud development technology is allowing enterprises to deploy services more securely, measure them, and modify them at a much faster pace. At the same time, if they are not coping up with the evolution, it can swiftly lead to ending up with a dainty cloud implementation. However, as the stupendous advantages of cloud development become highly recognized, most organizations are striving to amalgamate the way they develop for the enterprise and the cloud. Also, it is a little difficult for the organizations to keep up with the development of new cloud development tools and practices as they are being updated almost as frequently as possible. Keeping that in mind, here are few revolutionizing cloud technology developments that the enterprises can never afford to ignore.


Microservices’ Shift To Kubernetes

Microservices are becoming highly penetrative; everyone is either deploying in accordance with that or at least planning to do so. And as more organizations undertake a pure Kubernetes approach to cloud development, it is, therefore, becoming the major “Operating System” of the microservices.


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Kubernetes not only initiates containers and allows basic connectivity for enabling microservices to function together but it is also non-opinionated and permits businesses to implement various tools to sweep out the chunks that it can’t really handle. In addition to this, local storage is not the desirable stateful storage area, instead, enterprises should include microservices with high-performance network storage.


Service Mesh Integration

The most recent advancement of cloud microservices development inculcates using tools known as service meshes. Basically, it is a proxy between microservices that assists with networking glitches and also provides several features that reflect what is happening in your services or applications.


Putting service mesh to use is almost similar to messaging platform integration tool since some features could permit simple integration of latest service-level enhancements, thereby, stimulating organizations to build services that are more reliable and fault tolerant.


DevOps’ evolution to GitOps

Since microservices are capable of populating tens of hundreds of containers, “infrastructure as code” or “GitOps” is becoming more visible as the standard approach for recognizing where microservices are standing, hence, ensuring enterprises to function more effectively.


Although GitOps is an evolution of DevOps, however, it does not really change the basic idea of DevOps and thus can be continued to be used as earlier.


Serverless Functions

The most essential aspect of serverless computing is that organizations are only invoiced for the duration these functions are executed and since there is no such vital requirement of particular nodes, serverless computing can lead to cutting down the cost by over 95%.


Also, the serverless functions including the targeted applications can give out marvelous results and should never be overlooked when you are trying to save some costs.


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Therefore, I believe that imposing greater automated testing is essential to ensure that the organizations will be well positioned in the near future with the help of cloud development technologies. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know by writing down in the comment section below or contact us if you are looking for leveraging cloud technology development in your business.

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