Reasons Why Your Mobile Applications Crash

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 18-Feb-2019


Why Mobile Apps Crash

Development of an application still stays a tedious task for mobile developers as it takes a lot of time for them to develop an app. In spite of such dedication, various application crash as and when they are launched. In one of the recent researches by Dimensional Research, it was found that 61% of smartphone users expect their mobile apps to start within a short span of 4 seconds. Whereas 49% of mobile app users want their applications to start in just 2 seconds. It was also concluded that if a smartphone user finds a particular app crashing or freezing they uninstall that app immediately.


Mobile applications have made things easier for users. But in case of an app that crashes frequently, it becomes really annoying. So in order to prevent the crashing of mobile applications we have listed below a few reasons that are responsible for its performance:


Memory Management


One of the biggest problems mobile app developers face is Memory Management. A mobile application might be spinning too many threads and draining a phone's resources, which leads to crashing. It is impossible for any application to use the complete resource of the phone. If an app freezes a phone, it means there are some conflicting elements or programming codes in it. Software developers should develop applications which do not occupy a huge part of a phone’s memory.


Poor Network Connectivity


Generally, application developers create applications in tech-friendly working environment, wherein they have access to the super-fast internet. Developers, many a time, fail to create applications that can work with low internet speed. Poor network connection is among the major reasons for freezing or crashing of most apps. Network Connectivity lessens the responsiveness of any app which thus results in poor performance, instability, and downtime.


Inadequate Testing


There are around 40 variants of Apple devices and 24000 variants of Android-based gadgets. It is difficult for developers to test their solution in real time on all the devices, especially when an app is designed under a low budget project. Even if an application developer fails to test its app on all, he should at least check it on 2 or 3 devices so that it functions in an appropriate way. Also, there are various testing tools available in the market today. These tools help app developers to find bugs easily and fix issues so that the application never shows a downtime.


Software Lifecycle and Development Process


The best way to prevent an application from freezing or crashing is by following the concept of iterative app development. With this, the application developers will get an opportunity to find out faults in that application, and gauge users reaction. This will help both Android developers and iOS app developers to learn from their mistakes and align expectations and validate requirements. Developers should also keep an account on updating their app as soon as a new version of an OS or third-party API is released. The frequents updates are useful as they prevent the applications from crashing.   

In spite of being careful, application developers still face a lot of issues while creating a bug-free mobile application. Understanding the requirements of our we at Oodles Technologies create an error-free application that ensures high-performance and smooth operations. We create a tech-friendly environment that helps our developers create dynamic applications within a short duration. For more details on application development service Contact us.

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