Purpose of Data Science

Posted By Zeeshan Jamil | 27-Jul-2018

Why is a bottle a bottle and not a glass? That's because our brain interprets the information (data) correctly which is gathered through our eyes by continuously learning and reasoning(using science) all of those things. We have been doing these things since forever. We obviously don't get paid to recognize things of daily living. However, our brains have certain limitations regarding information fetching and processing, prediction and the list goes on. This problem is largely solved through powerful computers.

In our daily lives, there are tonnes and tonnes of data generated in this age which is stored in those powerful computers. Those large amounts of data could are used for the benefit of people or businesses, we have computers achieving those successes through defining a pathway which we need to follow in order to get that success. That pathway is achieved by the help of machine learning algorithms and analytics. So basically machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining are used together to solve a problem. That problem is basically providing useful insights, predictions, analytical solutions and predictions from that enormous data. 

With the help of data science, a very complex problem statement could be solved and benefits could be achieved out of it. 

Within machine learning, we recognize a problem statement and then classify or regress according to the desired result. Then we can use algorithms and solve the statement. This process is helping to achieve business goals in a very large way. People don't rely on guts and they require a model which is created through data science and machine learning algorithms. So to conclude I would say data generation is arriving and sooner or later, wanting it or not we will be a part of it. So we must work on it in order to sound more logical and fact-oriented.

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