Pros and Cons of Data Encryption In Cloud

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 27-Aug-2018

Pros and Cons of Data Encryption In Cloud

In this age of digitization, every business or company is embracing the cloud technology to help secure its valuable data against breaches and cyber attacks. When it comes to cloud storage, end-to-end encryption is a hot topic these days. With data encryption in cloud, one can store his/her data on remote servers which only the cloud provider can access. As it turns out, the cloud encryption is becoming a requisite need for the businesses these days. This is because the corporate data contains sensitive customer information and valuable intellectual property losing which may cause a collateral damage to the company and its employees. Even mishandling this information can cause disastrous results which may tarnish the brand identity of a company.


In this context, cloud encryption adds a strong layer of security to the data, making it immune to breaches, hacks, malwares and cyber attacks. It also protects the company’s resources from unnecessary exposure. To prevent that from happening, many companies have compliance requirements or legal obligations to store data on the cloud with an end-to-end encryption.  Many business owners who are constantly worried about their data being exposed to the masses can leverage the cloud security to remain relaxed at all times. Given below are the pros and cons of using Cloud Security with end-to-end Encryption.


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Pros of Data Encryption in Cloud

Data encryption is a must in today’s world seeing the increasing number of thefts and cyber crimes. It is also very crucial from the privacy point of view.  If you don’t want your sensitive information to be shared with anyone outside your trusted sources, then the best way to do so is by protecting your data with end-to-end encryption.  Given below are some key benefits of Data encryption in Cloud.


  • Enhanced Data Security

The data is at maximum risk while it is being transferred from one point to another. That is where the encryption is needed the most. Encryption works at the transport level or at rest, thereby reducing the risk of getting exposed while in-transit.


  • Privacy

This is the primary objective of data encryption to render security and privacy to the sensitive information of the individuals.  At the same time, it offers anonymity and reduces any chances of fraud.


  • Integrity

Data encryption protects your precious data resources from getting hacked or corrupted. While the encrypted data is not completely immune to online frauds and cyber attacks, the data owners can easily detect any malicious happening to their data at any time which gives them the chance to take an early action.


  • Compliance

Encryption is one of the safest ways to store and transfer the data as it complies with the restrictions imposed by your business such as FIPS, FISMA, HIPAA or PCI/DSS.


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Some Major Setbacks

While cloud security and data encryption have been proven as the most effective method to secure your valuable information, the two have their own share of drawbacks as well.  


  • Cumbersome Data Recovery

Data Encryption, obviously is a great way to protect your sensitive data. But sometimes it gets hard to recover your own data due to overprotective data access mechanisms. For example, the more encryption keys you have for a particular data source, the more difficult it is to gain access to your data.  


  • Security glitches

One major setback of data encryption is that it only offers limited security to the data which is already in transit.


  • Data transfer costs

Data Encryption can quite often be a costly affair because it requires highly advanced systems to maintain the encrypted data. The systems must also be scalable enough to upgrade which adds to the costs involved.


So these were some crucial pros and cons of data encryption. Whether you want to secure your business data with cloud encryption is solely up to your discretion. But despite all the drawbacks involved, data encryption using cloud is no doubt is a requisite need for every business these days.

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