Pin Dialog in Roku

Posted By : Prashant Grover | 12-Apr-2017

Pin Dialog Implementation.



In roku sdk there are various types of dialog nodes, out of which one is PIN DIALOG, pin dialog is a special type of dialog node class it is generally used at that point where we want user to enter the pin code to access the specific module or section of our roku application. As the pin dialog class includes  an internal Pin Dialog nodes which is used to prompt user to enter the numeric string.

Features provided by Pin Dialog Node are :


1. Pin dialog node allows to add/set title by setting the title field.


2. Pin dialog node allows to add/set message by setting the message field.


3. Pin dialog node allows to add set of action buttons by setting the buttons field.

Note : For the above point(3) , you will want to set the Dialog node title field to prompt the user to enter a PIN, and add "OK" and "Cancel" buttons by setting the Dialog node buttons field to ["Ok","Cancel"] then observe the Dialog node buttonSelected field to react when the user presses one of those buttons. At any time, the PinDialog node pin field can be accessed to obtain the PIN value entered by the user.


Below mention are the fields provided by Pin Dialog :

1. pin - It is of string type, this field is used for both read and write i.e we can internally set the PIN NODE pin value as well as we can access the pin value enter by user, the user can enter at max 4 digit pin value


2. pinPad - It is of PinPad node type, this field is read-only which is used to provide access to internal PIN PAD node class which is implemented by PIN DIALOG node class.


3. privacyHintColor - This field is used to set the color of privacy hint text shown at the bottom of PIN DIALOG.


Example :


sub showPinDialog()

    pinDialog = createObject("roSGNode", "PinDialog")

    pinDialog.title = "Example  Pin Dialog"

    pinDialog.optionsDialog = true

    pinDialog.message = "Press * To Dismiss"

    pinDialog.buttons = ["Ok","Cancel"] = pinDialog"buttonSelected","onVerifyPin")

End sub


sub onVerifyPin()

    if = 1

       print "ok button pressed"


       print "cancel button pressed"

    end if

end sub





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