PhoneGap Is Probably The Finest Mobile App Development Framework

Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 13-Mar-2015

With the help of PhoneGap, developers can build cross-platform mobile applications with ease. It helps fill the gap between web apps and phone devices by utilizing standards-based web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Cross platform application development is utilization of multiple technologies in order to create a single mobile app that can run on various platforms, simultaneously. Demand of mobile apps across all the mobile platforms is the reason cross platform app development is becoming famous.




Why Developers Find It Useful?


Developers don’t need extra development skill


If you see through the lens of a developer, this is the best aspect of PhoneGap. Almost all developers are familiar with basic scripts such as CSS3 and HTML5 etc, building apps on PhoneGap doesn’t require the developer to learn any new scripts or skills. If you know how to work in HTML5 and JavaScript etc, you are good to go.  



Strong Backend


PhoeGap has a strong backend system that helps in high-speed development, which significantly cut down development efforts. In addition, PhoneGap also offers guide for the new developers that helps them speed up the procedure.



Open Source Nature


PhoneGap is a completely free software because of its open source license. The PhoneGap community keeps compiling new code and modules that could be picked up free of charge that helps developers even more.



PhoneGap Facts


  • 400,000+ mobile application developers are using PhoneGap.

  • It has been downloaded over 1 million times.

  • 1000+ PhoneGap apps are available in mobile app stores.

  • PhoneGap is now available as open-source.


Want to know more?


If you think developing cross-platform mobile applications using the PhoneGap framework is fun, what do you have to say about PhoneGap Build? Being able to develop the same app in the cloud sounds fabulous, doesn't it? Yes, cloud-based PhoneGap Build does it for you. It is built on top of the PhoneGap frameowork so most of the work is already done. And the best thing is PhoneGap mobile apps are standards compliant so developer doesn’t have to worry about the app running properly on future browsers or not.


Any application that is written in CSS, JavaScript, or HTML can be deployed across mobile devices. Such apps keep its native features even when deployed on various devices. And one of the best things is these apps can remotely access business via multiple network protocols, and that makes it first choice for enterprise mobile apps.


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