OTT Trends That Will Make Big Impact In 2018

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 01-Jun-2018

OTT refers to “over-the-top”, has created a buzz in the world of entertainment. It is used in the delivery of the TV shows, documentaries, movies through the internet instead of the traditional television connection or satellite pay-tv. OTT is much ahead of your usual television right now. People are preferring Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar over the traditional way. Indian Over The Top technology has improved a lot and is meeting the media needs of this generation. The OTT industry is working day and night to create new distribution channels  which are not available on the tradition cable televisions. 

Future prospect:

According to the study, the over-the-top industry will overtake the traditional way of watching tv in next 5 years. If we talk about India, there are approximately 400 million internet users and the number is growing at a faster pace. By looking at the stats we can say that OTT is going to be the next big thing in the world of entertainment.

Following are the few areas where OTT will bring changes.


Original Content:

The number of viewers on Hotstar, Netflix, and other platforms is also increasing day by day. Not only that, by looking at their pattern, we can get that they are more interested in the original content. Hence these platforms are focusing more on producing the original content. There are few series that up the game of this industry such as Game Of Thrones. Many such series increased the interest of people in the OTT. netflix was the first one to start its own fresh content. Now, all the other platforms like Amazon, Hulu, and many others are expanding by making their own original content.

Increase in Ad spends

Advertisers follow their customers. Since people are shifting to OTT, advertisers are also making their way towards it. MAny high-end sectors such as Fashion, electronics FMCG and many more are booking their place in the OTT world. Hence with the rise of OTT, the expectations from the advertisers have also increased. 


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The era 4K Streaming

The quality of the video is improving day by day and people are going crazy over the 4K and Blu-ray quality videos. Nowadays the devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets and laptops, all are becoming adaptable to high resolutions formats. This has decreased the cost of 4K TVs. 



The Growth of OTT in the future is sure. The trends will keep on growing and will keep on adding the value in the entertainment world. The Audience growth will also happen in the near future which will acquire revenue in the global market. 


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