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Odoo is a fully-functional ERP system. A core is an open source under LGPLv3. This is a superior system that works very nice for explicit styles of corporations. The new v9 brings a lot of changes. Let’s sort out whose version should we select.

Odoo v6, 7, and eight had no technical or useful distinction between Community and Enterprise versions. Openerp reserves were merchandising support and migration services solely with Enterprise contract. That, however, has changed with v9.
Odoo reserves (OpenERP reserves previously), a poster organization, has developed a specific approach for monetizing software. Some further practicality and services square measure accessible within the Enterprise package solely. A core is absolutely the same in both versions. The whole proposition can be understood as illustrated below:

The whole info and back-end applications, while not limitations, are in Odoo Community
Basic Functionality is in Odoo Community
+ (additionally) Migration to a successive version by Odoo reserves engineers is in Odoo Enterprise
+ (additionally) Several Functionalities are in Odoo Enterprise
+ (additionally) Support of the non-customized Odoo Enterprise by Odoo reserves Engineers
+ (you will install any moment) Apps from Odoo Store
This approach isn't a surprise in the open supply world. Similar schemes are found in Alfresco and Pentaho, for instance.

High-level comparison: Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise
ERP is a multilayer system. Technically, Odoo Enterprise is Odoo Community + further practical Modules. But these modules play a big game. Does it mean that the most distinction between the 2 versions is simply many paid apps? All layer differences are covered below.

The same hardware is needed for both versions.

Odoo is an undemanding system. For 5-employee firms, a pair of computer hardware a pair of RAM server would be enough, raising to four computer hardware eight RAM for twenty workers. We would advocate rending application and info servers for ninety workers. Load Equalization (LB) of application server would be required for an organization of 250+ workers.
Proper infrastructure supplier choice, applications load balancing and database replication can do magic with this open source ERP.
It is the foremost climbable business application within the world for 2 smart reasons:

1. Open source
2. standard structure: All functions are often custom-made via modules and info configuration.
If your company changes quick and experiments with processes, then Odoo should fit perfectly well.
Community and Enterprise Apps
There area unit free (~90%) and paid (~10%) applications (modules) within the Odoo App store. Odoo Enterprise already includes further distinctive modules that may move the ERP expertise to ensure level.
Based on our analysis of enforced comes, we can conclude that Odoo covers Sales, Project and Warehouse Management processes pretty well. Also, specific changes in the Finance module makes accounting management intuitive, if we will say it that manner. All these make Enterprise version a decent alternative for firms wherever sales and services area unit the key processes.
Multi-company internal flows
This module permits chaining transactions between many holding firms. For example, it permits you to possess a buying deal Order created mechanically once a sale Order is valid with another company of the system as a marketer, and reciprocally. SO, PO and invoices/refunds area unit supported at this moment.

Operating in one of the next industries:

Internet Software & Services
IT Services
Life Sciences Services
Construction & Engineering
Trading Companies & Distributors
Commercial Services & Supplies
Professional Services
Retail ( e-commerce platforms to be integrated additionally)
Health Care Providers & Services

The system can work on larger firms, as well, it’s just that it requires much more customization and adjustment of the processes. Application can be scaled up to any size. The Open ASCII text file of Odoo permits full flexibility within the choice of versions and integration of the system.

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