Now Use Bitcoin To Book A Taxi In Italy

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 16-Sep-2016

Another good news arrives for the bitcoin users in Italy. The Italian capital, Rome has now gone bitcoin friendly with taxi companies accepting BTC fares for the ride. This has been made possible by the ceaseless efforts of Chainside, a new financial platform for bitcoin integration. Chainside provides bitcoin integration to various businesses. The company is going initiate bitcoin payment services in Rome in partnership with an Italian cab company named itTaxi. These new services will enable the locals to book a taxi while paying for the same in bitcoins. This might be a major breakthrough in the cryptocurrency landscape that would lead the digital currency to new heights.


Nevertheless, Chainside is created by the members of Blockchain Education Network and although being its beta stage, the company has already started taking projects. After enabling bitcoin payments for the Italian cab company, Chainside aims to expand to the other countries where bitcoin payment services are needed.   


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About itTaxi

itTaxi is an Italian company and application that provides cab services in major Italian cities. itTaxi lets you pay for a taxi ride in advance while you are travelling in Rome. Once you have made the payment, it sends you an email with a coupon that ratifies your payment. This was about the online method. You can also use traditional methods for booking a cab like sms and phone call. itTaxi also has a mobile app which is perhaps the easiest way to book a taxi in Italy and is very much comparable to Uber and Lyft. The users can book a cab from their current location right through their smartphones. itTaxi was introduced by an Italian radio taxi company known as URI in the taxi hackathon event last year.  


Taxi Hack Hackathon 2015

itTaxi is just one example. In fact, there are many other startup companies planning to come up with similar ideas not just in Rome but the entire country. BITTaxi is one them. BITTaxi was in fact, the winner of the Taxi Hack Hackathon, an event that took place in Rome last year. It was by far the first hackathon dedicated to taxis and a large number of developers, designers, students and entrepreneurs took part in it. It was a two day event, organized by Union of Radio Taxi in Italy (URI) on 13-14 June. itTaxi was also brought to light in this event.


Italy Says ‘No’ To Uber

The world famous cab company and mobile app called Uber was banned by the Italian Union last year on the grounds of creating unfair competition for the local taxi drivers in the country. The UberPop services were shunned by the Italian court in June 2015 along with every other taxi company operating without a license in the Italian estates. Yes, another big reason for banning Uber in Italy was that the American cab service company was hiring drivers without a commercial license. Shortly after the winding up of UberPop services from the country, URI announced the launch of itTaxi which is now operating in more than 40 Italian cities. And now with the integration of bitcoin payment services, URI now aims to take it to the next level.

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