New Features Coming To Apple TV With The tvOS 11 Release

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 25-May-2017

New Features Coming To Apple TV With The tvOS 11 Release

Just as the release date of tvOS 11 is inching closer, the whole world is abuzz with all sorts of rumors and predictions. This being the third major update to the Apple TV, there are huge expectations from tvOS 11 and Apple definitely won’t want to dismay the users. Although not much has been disclosed about this new update so far, rumors have it that the new tvOS version will have the much anticipated Picture-in-Picture mode and Multi-user support.


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Picture-in-Picture Mode

The picture-in-picture mode was first introduced in iOS 9 two years ago. Designed exclusively for the iPads and Mac devices, it enables you to do multi-tasking while watching videos in a floating window. With PiP, you can also watch two videos at the same time. The screen size of the videos being played can also be adjusted. For instance, You can watch a movie in full screen while watching the football game in a smaller window. That way, you can enjoy your movie without missing the live updates from the match.   Clearly, this feature has long been awaited to arrive on Apple TV but this time Apple has more or less, made it obvious that this feature will be a part of the forthcoming tvOS 11 release which is scheduled to arrive in September this year.


Multi-user support

Another most anticipated feature is the multi-user support. With tvOS 11, the Apple TV will allow its users to login with multiple accounts. Each user can create a unique tvOS profile by logging in with their respective Apple IDs. Doing that will also give you access to your saved settings and iCloud data. Besides all this, you can also listen to your favorite songs on Apple Music. Apple is also expected to make the process pretty simple so that you can easily switch between multiple user accounts with minimal complexities.

As a matter of fact, Apple had previously attempted to make this feature available on the iPad with iOS 9.3 release but to say the least, it didn’t work that well and ended up making the UX a bit more cumbersome. The feature is only available in several educational institutions in United States. But sources reveal that there’s a sharp possibility of this feature being included in the tvOS 11. Now it will be interesting to see how Apple adds these new features without jeopardising with the user experience.   

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