Nagios vs the Competition

Posted By Apoorv Singh | 30-Oct-2018

Nagios is often at the focal point of attention in discussions revolving around IT monitoring. Numerous IT experts stay committed users of Nagios, while others have proceeded onward because of its limitations. There are endless options in contrast to Nagios and a lot of analysis comparing different monitoring with a longstanding tool. Most 'Nagios versus.' articles are merchant driven pieces, which attempt to persuade you why you ought to pick their service over Nagios.


Let's take a look at the points to keep in mind while choosing any monitoring tool or say while performing 'Nagios vs.'


Ease Of Use

Nagios has been around for a long time and once ruled over IT world while coming to Monitoring services. It is so vast that learning all its capabilities and fully utilize them can be so difficult to manage. Where in some of the use cases it is the best choice on the perspective of Ease of Use, there are some cases where Nagios becomes too overwhelming and not helpful. When comparing the other tools, it is so important to find a balanced solution that fits according to the needs of your environment. With the right proportion of power and flexibility, the monitoring system oversees all your data without giving you the burden of excess configuration while getting utilized by new users.



There are so many new technologies emerging with time which can give our environment better stability and flexibility. The monitoring tool has to integrate with all those new software and services. So, having the ability to integrate with the new tools is the vital aspect of any monitoring system. Nagios has a big library of plugins which can resolve this complication of ours. Also, it has a large community which can cross any hurdle and will give you the best and optimized support.


New Releases

With the upgrading world of technology, you have to be updated to keep yourself in sync. Timely updates are necessary and new features have to be integrated to be updated with this world. Products which are less frequent with their Releases are left off and those with new integrations are preferred nowadays. It is so common to see new product version multiple times over a year for many of the monitoring tools. But, for your stable and consistent environment, it is so important that the upgrade rate is consistent.  In this fast upgrading era, Nagios presents heavy changelogs, updates and new implementations along with a monthly rate of the upgrade.


Documentation and Community Support

As being on the market for a long time and as an open-source tool, the Nagios community has expanded considerably over the years. It presents you both user-documented and vendor-presented documentation. Recently created monitoring services do not have much of a community support. And although there is some options present, the resources and information of Nagios come in very handy. Whichsoever service you choose, be sure of its significance and the resources and documentation are accurate and easily accessible, can be referred any time.


Monitoring tool is one of the most crucial parts of any environment and perfect choice will give you the most stable environment not in present but in upcoming time too. Nagios gives you a vast world of its own where you can configure different type of monitoring with minimal efforts. Apart from being old it is one of the stable monitoring tools and gives you a list of options with a stack of plugins to perform your task.

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