Mozilla Introduces New Firefox Quantum Browser

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | 15-Nov-2017

Mozilla Introduces New Firefox Quantum Browser

The biggest update coming from Mozilla is the launch of its new browser that is Firefox Quantum recently. In 2004, Firefox was launched and it became highly successful with 60 million downloads within nine months. But then Google chrome gained popularity in that period of time and also attracted a myriad of users.Since then Google Chrome is the wide browser.Thus, the company has worked on to improve its performance.


Mozilla has released Firefox 57 version for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, what is new in the New browser? Mozilla focused on giving it a new modern User Interface and most importantly speed factor.It is comparatively faster in browsing with the last updated Firefox. The speed of the browser is really impressive and you can surf a ton of pages, open a zillion of tabs because Firefox Quantum utilizes less memory as compared to its competition. Users won’t stop praising about its new look with many improvements in the performance of the browser. The User Interface is designed using photon which makes it incredibly fast and smooth.


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The UI photon is created by the insight of how people browse the internet and also included is a new CSS engine, Stylo. With many improvements, the new browser has been revised to make tab prioritized on which you are doing something over all others. Besides this, Firefox Quantum also introduced now-standard bells and whistles, such as extensions and themes.For security purposes, a powerful private browsing mode has also been launched. This feature will stop the tracking of the data by all trackers and won't save the history of the browser.The new improvised version of  Firefox Quantum came out only because staff from around the world worked in record time to create it.


Mozilla claims that the address bar of Firefox Quantum is the most useful and influential tool. Firefox Quantum also let you customize tools. You can rearrange the toolbar performing dragging and dropping. It also has a theme to choose.In addition to it, Mozilla adds a built-in feature named Pocket on the toolbar of Firefox Quantum. The browser’s library possesses pocket library, from which your all saved files are accessible and it is having browsing history, bookmarks, and synced tabs other important components for easy access. Screenshot tool is the best tool.It is very useful also. You will spot this tool on right from the address bar, for taking clippings of pages.If you want to clip certain part of a webpage, it allows you to clip only that portion, leaving the others.

So, go and check this browser and have fun with the tools.

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