Modularization Of The Netgem Application

Posted By Deepak Gupta | 07-Feb-2014

Netgem App
Putting all the classes in distinct folder

Hello guys ,In this blog I tell how I modularized my netgem project .In modularizing the project there is some specific configuration that you should know The step to modularized the negem is given below:-

Thats our project structure-:

First I make a folders for each classes to keep them distinctly I also put their json files in that folders.


Now time to configure the location of these classes in index.html

You have to give the path like this -:


    MainForm: "MyListFormWidget",
	Includes: ['./Mylistformwidget/MyListFormWidget.js','./myclass1/MyClass1.js','./myclass2/MyClass2.js','./myclass3/MyClass3.js','./myclass4/MyClass4.js','./utilANDthema/utils.js',],
  	Thema: {"file": "./utilANDthema/myThema.json"},

Includes: it includes all file which are outside the scope of main class . Thats our classes’s path configuration in index.html


Give the path configuration of our every json files of each classes


function MyClass1(config, options)

    this.super(config, options);
	this._lastFocusedInput = null;
	var timer1;
    var timer2;

FormWidget.registerType("class1", MyClass1, "./myclass1/MyClass1.json");

………..(more code)


Give location of MyListFormWidget.json in MyListFormWidget.js file

FormWidget.registerType("MyListFormWidget", MyListFormWidget, "./Mylistformwidget/MyListFormWidget.json");


Thanks Deepak Gupta

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