Microservices Architecture Testing is Useful

Posted By Tanisha Sharma | 07-Aug-2018

It has become very important to test microservices because are many of the new applications are being built using Microservices architecture.It is defined as an architectural style, an outlook to expanding a single application as a suite of services. Every service is explained by its feature some of them are explained as:

  • Running in its process.
  • Independently deployable by a fully automated machinery.
  • Using different programming languages/technologies/DB.
  • Is using different data storage technologies.


How to test Microservices

Unit Tests: 

These are the small sections of software such as a purpose in the application to regulate whether they construct the wanted output given a set of known inputs. It is useful noting that unit testing alone doesn’t provide assurance about the behavior of the system. We need other types of testing for microservices.


Component Tests: 

Formerly we have conveyed out unit testing of all functions within a microservice, then we need to test the microservice itself in isolation. Usually, an application would be bounded of a number of microservices, so in sequence to test in isolation, we require to simulate the other microservices. It will also help in dealing with microservices which have dependencies such as a database, all as one unit.


Integration Tests:

As we have confirmed the services of each microservice, then we required to test the inter-service communications.  An integration test confirmed the communication paths and interactions between components to recognized interface recognized service calls must be made with integration to external services, which should involve error and success cases, hence, integration testing confirmed that the system is operating together masterly and that the dependencies between the services are present as awaiting.


Contract Tests:

It confirmed correlations at the dividing line of an external service maintaining that it reached the contract awaiting by an engrossing service. Such kind of testing should be tending to each service as a black box and all the services are known as independently and their responses must be confirmed.

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