Machine Learning Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Posted By Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 13-Dec-2018

Machine Learning

The generation of the “smart aides” is thoroughly upon us. Machine learning has just risen as one of the key components of worldwide computer-aided change – with aggregate investments (on AI and ML) anticipated to reach $58 billion by the year 2021. As per some reports only in the United States, the market for deep learning software will take a leap from $100 million in the year 2018 to a huge $935 million by the year 2025. The overall machine learning industry is developing at a compound annual growth rate of 42%. The enterprises are also accepting machine learning, that’s why the acceptance of machine learning use cases has been surprising in the course of recent years. More than 50% CIO’s have marked machine learning as one of the key preferences for speeding up their businesses. Here, I am going to highlight how machine learning will going to continue to develop in the year 2019.

Latest use cases of Machine Learning are coming up

Recently, it was stated that the US Army is going to use customized machine learning software devices for predictive support of combat vehicles. End of the day, ML would have the ability to show when, and what sort of, repair services a vehicle may require. This ‘smart’ functionality will be fueled by advanced sensors implanted in the vehicle engines. One more intriguing use case of Machine Learning is the forecast of securities exchange inconstancies – in light of the records of past stock earnings. A fresh research demonstrated that such securities exchange forecasts with Machine Learning have a precision meter of more than 60%, which is great. Moving over to healthcare and medical science, Machine Learning models have used to do the estimation possibility of the death of a man.


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Selection of 'equipment optimized’ for Machine Learning set to rise

2019 might be the year when extraordinarily arranged silicon chips having custom AI and ML capacities, move towards becoming standard, at least for ventures. The marketplace for AI-enabled equipment will keep on growing quickly within a reasonable time-frame. A sequence of new, amazing processing gadgets will be propelled – and we would get the opportunity to see top-end GPUs and CPUs being employed.


Cloud selection to grow with ML

The worldwide cloud computing market will see a yearly development rate of more than 20% and take it to more than $410 billion by 2020. The developing reception of Machine Learning in ventures is a key factor behind this rush. For the fruitful usage of a 'machine learning society', organizations need to concentrate on reform like never before – with specific accentuation on enhanced cloud hosting and infrastructure parameters. After some time, increasingly more 'artificial intelligence specific devices and frameworks' must be stored on the cloud – and the following requirements to have sufficient security and convenience standards for the reason.

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