Machine Learning Is A Boon For Mobile App Development

Posted By : Priyansha Sinha | 02-Nov-2018

Machine Learning Is A Boon For Mobile App Development

Machine Learning has imperatively become the natural impulse and has indubitably charged up the evolution, creation, and usage of the mobile applications in the current era. As a result, it is bringing a new revolution in the landscape of mobile app development and causing a paradigm shift in our lives. The machine learning enabled apps do not demand explicit programming, rather, they can gather and analyze data that is needed to learn automatically, draw conclusions, and improve from experience during the entire program performance.


In order to survive, sustain, and succeed in business competitions, it is crucial to have a strong mobile presence throughout. Apart from expanding the reach, a mobile application can be leveraged by industries for gaining reliable information related to customers’ preferences, shopping habits, and demographics. While it might sound a little odd, but artificial intelligent and predominantly machine learning has an upper-hand in converting mobile applications into gold mines for all the app users recently. For an instance, there was a time when users had to wait long for the customer support to get online, however, the evolution of virtual assistants has unhesitatingly surpassed them sans any expectations.


So How Does Machine Learning Actually Works?


Machine Learning has turned out to be a ground-breaking technology that enables computers or any such device with computing powers (for example- mobile devices) to identify patterns & trends, process data, and take viable actions to assist in fulfilling a particular objective.


This technology is vehemently becoming a favorite tool amongst developers and industries alike, as machine learning enables greater efficacy without any significant increase in development or programming costs and timeframe.


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How Are Developers Deploying Machine Learning To Renovate Mobile Apps?


Out of the plethora of potential machine learning uses, implementing them to devise a real-like mobile app is doubtlessly one of the most sustainable and innovative usages.


  • Machine Learning can be deployed as an integral part of artificial intelligence.
  • It can be applied for predictive analytics where it can help in processing large volumes of data that are used for predictions.
  • Machine learning can also be used for inducing filtering & security.
  • It can be helpful to mobile applications that need some form of safety in case of any ever-changing inputs.
  • It can even figure out and block spammers without any explicit programming instructions from the developers.


How Can Machine Learning Bring Better Experiences To Mobile App Development?


Personalized Targeting And User Experiences


Machine Learning can greatly help the companies to recognize its target users and categorize them on the basis of their expectations and requirements from the app. These ML- powered applications can be leveraged to send relevant communications to the right customer at the right time which aids in boosting the app retention and overall engagement.


To give a clearer picture, let's take an example of chatbots. There is no doubt that these innovations are taking the process of mobile app development to the next level.


Smart Recommendations For Products


One more strong reason why machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies together are making a perfect match for business mobile applications is that they can immensely assist in smartening up the procedure of product recommendations for users.


A mobile app backed up by these technologies is proficient in comprehending the users’ purchase patterns and preferences.


Intelligent Search Functionalities


The imperative and cognitive approach that the machine learning technology adds to mobile app development makes the search functionalities in the applications smarter than ever. It empowers them to sum together the applicable and relevant documents, articles, scripts, videos, and graphs to facilitate search results that are faster and way smarter. Further to this, the in-app searches are optimized by machine learning algorithms which, therefore, enhances the customer experiences manifold.


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Final Cut


Machine Learning is a trailblazing technology that is enormously loved by businesses, developers, and app users alike since it has to offer something for all. It simplifies the mobile app development path, drives the best experience by users, and supports targeted marketing.


If you are also keen on having a machine learning powered mobile app for your business or wish to avail OpenCV Machine Learning solutions, let us know and we will connect with you in no time.

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