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Posted By Sandeep Rathor | 10-Apr-2017

Before learning about Web Services Testing we need to Revise some terminology which will frequently use in Web services Testing. Here are these terms,

As we know about SOAP i.e Simple Object Access Protocol which is messaging protocol which is use to exchanging the data between the to computers. 

And same as REST i.e Representational State Transfer architecture. Rest is architecture that is generally run over the HTTP. REST is emphasize the  interaction between the Client and Services. REST API support both XML and JSON Format. REST is the Alternative of SOAP

Before this we need to learn one more thing i.e WSDL(Web Service Description Language). It is a XML based Language which will normally describe the services offered by a particular web services. It describes each every operations offered by a particular web service in the XML format. It also describe how the  services can be called, which means that what kind of values we need to provide and what will be the format for each kind of response.

Now i hope these things clear about a what are the methods mainly use in a Web service Testing. Here are some steps we need to perform in Web service Testing 

  1. Understand the WSDL file
  2. Determine the operations that particular web service provides
  3. Determine the XML request format which we need to send
  4. Determine the response XML format
  5. Using a tool or writing code to send request and validate the respons   

To Make you more clear about these steps i am providing some image 


In above image there is code written into XML Language i.e we call WSDL file which contain the response values and operation 


In this we need to understand the XML Format and response the XML format accordingly 

In Last step we need to write the script which will send the responce in XML Formate over the HTTP and able to parse and validate the response XML against the expected result. And the Best tool to test in market that is SOAP UI Testing tool.


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