Leading Airline Companies To Go AI Friendly

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 12-Oct-2018

AI & Aviation

The worldwide aviation industry forms a humongous network, supporting 3.6% of the world’s GDP. The number doesn’t seem quite impressive just yet? Believe it or not, this small fraction accounts for over $2.7 trillion out of which $898 billion comes from tourism. In the US alone, over $168 billion were generated by the commercial airline system in 2016. Seeing these mammoth numbers, one can figure out how vast Airline industry is. Not only that, the global airline industry generates over 10 million jobs every year, thereby contributing about $700 billion to the global GDP. As a matter of fact, the industry is still growing in massive numbers as it’s going through innumerable technological advancements.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the many technologies that is being used in the aviation industry for quite a long time now. From ground staff monitoring to flying aircraft carriers, AI is everywhere. Nevertheless, AI is finding new use cases in the Aviation industry every now and then. As it turns out, numerous Airline companies have embraced this state-of-the-art technology to improve their improve their customer services. In this blog, we have listed 3 such companies that have gone AI friendly in recent years and are likely to implement this technology in many other business operations pretty soon. So let’s get started!


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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines or simply ‘Delta’ is a prominent US-based airlines company having its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. In May 2017, the company announced a huge investment of over $600,000 in four of its automated self-service security kiosks. All four kiosks are powered by Artificial Intelligence and one out of these incorporates an astonishing facial recognition technology. The company installed these kiosks at St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis. One of these kiosks makes use of a facial recognition technology to verify customer identity by matching the faces of their customers with the photos in their passport.  



This yet another American Airlines company is using Machine Learning to improve its flight operations and customer services for quite a long time now. Although the company hasn’t released an official statement of it using AI and Machine Learning in its operations, there are many pieces of evidence that explicitly show that the airlines has been using machine learning techniques such as time-series analysis and pattern recognition to empower its data mining capabilities.



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Air Asia

Malaysia’s low-cost aircraft carrier, Air Asia is apparently working on an AI project with Google Cloud to implement AI and Machine Learning in their business processes. The company is planning to install up to 20,000 sensors into one of its aircrafts, thereby providing better means to the aviation engineers to perform timely maintenance tasks and reduce unnecessary wastage of spare parts. If this experiment turns out to be a success, then the company is likely to implement this on a large scale in the coming months.


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