Its Time to secure the IoT ecosystem

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 24-May-2018

IoT is a blessing for the whole world. There are a lot of devices that are connected to the internet of things and according to the prediction, the number of connected devices will go up exponentially in future. In this age, of digitalization, smart devices have become the essential part of all our tasks and they are connected to the IoT. By 2020, there will be more than 40 billion connected devices to the internet of things (IoT).  To imagine our lives without IoT is quite impossible as we are dependent on the IoT for almost all our tasks. This ecosystem will become more and more crucial in the near future. 


Many devices contain sensitive information related to the bank account, business, personal or infrastructure which cannot be shared with anyone at any cost. Hence securing the IoT ecosystem becomes an essential part thus devices need regular functional and security updates. Though the type and the level of security varies from device to device including their function and the amount of data they are handling.


The connected devices are usually vulnerable to the security threats because these devices sometimes use the old operating system or software. To manage any kind of a threat it is important to first understand the risk as every threat is different from the other. The devices become more prone to the security hack when the number of devices connected to IoT increases. The sensors available in the IoT devices are at the high risk of the threat as they develop a large amount of data due to which there is a need for faster networks. 


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Hardware such as Sensors, smart cards also face some kind of the security issues. The hardware also gets attacked physically with the purpose of draining the battery. The hardware security can be taken care of through the chip security in the form of TPMs (trusted Perception Module).  On the other hand, the network security can be achieved by Data-centric security solutions which makes sure the safety of data encryption. 


It is not only necessary to secure the networks but also the data. To secure the IoT devices, security technologies will be required for physical and informational attacks. The ioT network is inreturn responsible for the data privacy. 

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