Improving Cold Storage Processes With IoT

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 29-Aug-2019

Cold Storage Monitoring with IoT


A Cold storage warehouse consists of temperature-sensitive perishable and non-perishable products that require easy to use monitoring system. It is essential to instrument cold storage trucks and warehouses with smart sensor-based industrial IoT solutions to slow down the spoilage of food items. 


IoT, when combined with AI, can transform the way devices interact. The technology eliminates human intervention with autonomous capabilities. The application of IoT is now becoming common with the wireless temperature sensors and smart location gateways. An IoT monitoring system enables restaurant chains to improve food safety and ensure quality control with complete regulatory compliance. 


Steps for Using IoT Sensors in Cold Storage


Step 1 IoT devices/sensors are fixed inside chambers and to the products of a Cold Store. If in case the Goods are in Transit, these IoT devices/sensors keep a track of its location.


Step 2: IoT integrated mobile apps are developed to share every micro and major details or activities with the owner. 


Step 3: Acquired sensor values enable the owner or staff members to monitor their stock.   


Step4: When bizarre conditions are detected, an alert is sent to the cold store owners on their mobile devices or app. 



Benefits of Implementing IoT Solutions for Cold Storage Facilities


Worker and Asset Safety: Smart IoT sensors update the cold storage owners in case of a system failure. It will enable them to detect risky scenarios in real-time so that immediate action is taken before a mishap. IoT maintains a detailed log of every user activity to enhance the security of the entire system.   


Real-Time Monitoring: IoT sensors enable stakeholders to record and monitor every minor detail of their cold store. The sensors update the staff about temperature and humidity to prevent food spoilage. It even sends alerts via SMS text, email or voice call if a cooler’s temperature is out of its nominal range. 


Efficient Tracking: Smart IoT solutions share every information with the owners about their perishable or non-perishable items in transit. It updates them with critical details including speed, location, vehicle status, driver’s behavior, and more. It makes real-time tracking of the vehicle easier so that owners can evaluate when a specific consignment will be delivered. 


Efficient Stock Management: It keeps the owners informed about the vacant space available in the cold store for optimum utilization. The IoT sensors record the moment of goods and raw material so that owners stay pre-informed in case of theft. The system even sends alerts about the expiry of a product so that it is moved out of the store for selling in real-time.  


Reduces Third Part Intervention:  IoT solution automates various processes at cold stores to limit third party intervention in stocking and dispatching of goods. It also maintains transparency in the entire process starting from the spawning to the consumption stage. 


Using IoT solutions for cold storage monitoring can lead to the optimal use of resources. Device power consumption can be tracked and the usage pattern can be analyzed to minimize wastage. The store chambers can be incorporated with occupancy sensors to alert the users in case suspicious activities are identified. The technology will enable the users to control and monitor the light intensity.  The outdoor lights will be well-timed according to available daylight. Integrating IoT solution to your


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