Importance Of Video Streaming Services Along With API Access

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 12-Jun-2018

video streaming with API access

Business strategies are constantly evolving. Marketers are aware of the importance of Live streaming in the business by now. Video streaming is gaining so much attention that it is nearly impossible to grow your business and to reach more customers without it. Not only for marketing but Video streaming is a great way of increasing revenue, training, and many other purposes. It is reaching everywhere and is a powerful tool for engaging more and more audience.


Despite the increased interest in live streaming of people, many businesses are still failing to utilize it in a proper way. No business should ignore the live streaming because of its growing user base and fan following. Earlier it was said that content is King but now it has been changed to Visual Content is the king. Reaching to millions of user with just one click is not a dream anymore. While text is still the primary way of reaching the audience but it is not as effective as videos. It is always a good practice of combining two or more mediums to reach your audiences such as graphics and texts or videos and text. It is expected that video will make 80% of the internet traffic in the next few years. 


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Why are people choosing video over text content?

  • Reaching to the larger audience in no time.
  • Connecting instantly with new and the existing audience.
  • Great way of engaging the audience.
  • Reaching the right audience is easy through the video streaming.


API based video streaming is even more powerful for your business. API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. Integrating APIs with live streaming provides access to platform’s functionality such as extracting analytics, creating a new live stream, security, changing payment etc. 


There are two ways of using Video APIs:

  • One way is through the TV broadcasting stations.
  • The second way is through the custom branded portals.


To Know why live streaming can be big for your business, you need to understand the mindset of those people. Live streaming can be used for a variety of things:



Training with Live streaming has made our lives quite easy. Using the Live streaming platform for the training purposes is time-consuming, efficient and easy. It gives you the homely feeling and is a great way of reaching people at the remote places. Not only cooperates but the education sector is also using the Live streaming for giving seminars and lectures. 


Increasing revenue:

The goal of every business is to grow the revenue. Surprisingly, the live streaming can help you grow your revenue in different ways. The pay per view can be doubled up through advertising. Companies are making huge amount through the online advertising these days. 


Brand Awareness:

The whole sole purpose of video streaming is to increase the brand awareness. Companies are using it for the product launch, announcing sales and the opening of new stores. The live streaming has never failed to create a buzz among the audience. 



Live streaming has become huge than you can even imagine. It is easy, effective and efficient in comparison to other modes of communication. Businesses are now aware of its advantages and those who haven’t used it yet are lagging behind. Go live and grow your business! 

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