Implementing many to many relation between domains in Grails with MongoDB

Posted By : Shivam Gupta | 03-May-2014

As we know that implementation of many to many in sql is difficult because it needs a third table for maintaining relation. But it is easy in MongoDB , I will show you steps how to implement many to many relation in Grails with MongoDB


In a project, I had to implement many to many relation between two domains named as User and Circle. Scenario is that user has many circles and each circle has many user.


I assume that you have configured mongodb plugin in grails application and created database in mongodb.


Steps for implement many to many relation


Create two domain using following commands

grails create-domain-class User

grails create-domain-class Circle


Add data members and mapping

In User

String name;

List<Circle> circles

static mapWith = "mongo"

static hasMany=[circles:Circle]


In Circle

String name;

List<User> users;

static mapWith = "mongo"

static belongsTo=User  //This line is used to make user as owner

static hasMany=[users:User]


After saving some documents in above domains you will see these domain like following manner in mongodb.


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