Implementing IoT Solutions for Efficient Asset Tracking

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 24-Oct-2019

IoT Asset Tracking Solutions


Containers and pallets transported through remote areas with low connectivity and limited Global Positioning Systems(GPS) coverage are difficult to locate. Implementing IoT enabled asset management solutions providing real-time visibility of asset locations to the organizations on their computers or laptops. Instant notifications sent through IoT sensors enable organizations to update their customers on an asset’s date of delivery.  


According to Forrester’s survey, 58% to 77% of material handling businesses consider tracking containers, objects, and personnel as the fundamental functions of IoT. 


How IoT facilitates in Asset Tracking   


IoT enabled smart asset monitoring enables businesses to identify, track, and locate the status of assets in real-time. RFID tags establish a relationship between devices and objects. Smart assets embedded with RFID tags and sensors enable manufacturers to track products from “floor to store” and even beyond. RFID tags and sensors capture granular data like the temperature at which items are stored, fluctuations surrounding product leakages, the time duration of products in the cargo,  change in quantity, and more.  


Industries that can Benefit through Asset Tracking Management Solutions 


Construction Asset Tracking Software: Efficiently tracks tools and equipment used across multiple construction sites and warehouses. The IoT based tracking system locates and identifies lost and stolen items for better theft prevention and recovery. 

Oodles Technologies Construction Inventory Management Solutions


  • Inventory Lifecycle Management: Effective management of assets from procurement to retirements by tracking tool depreciation, POs, stock, and lifetime costs. Keeps a track of high ticket assets including consumable stock through tool utilization data and status. 

  • Barcode and QR Code: QR codes are used as a tool for the IoT. Barcode scanners and QR codes enable tracking of a large volume of tools and equipment across different locations. We deliver IoT solutions to effectively track the location of equipment with QR codes


Healthcare Asset Management Software Solutions: Caregivers spend 20% of their time searching for medical equipment. Tracking of medical equipment can be made easier with IoT asset tracking solutions. 


Oodles Technologies Healthcare Asset Management Software Solutions


  • Equipment Management Software Services: Oodles Asset Management solutions use location-based intelligence and IoT sensors to enable healthcare personnel to locate their medical equipment in real-time. Our asset tracking solutions enable hospitals to eliminate their inventory stock out. 
  • Hospital Real-Time Location System: Our IoT software development solutions enable hospital staff to identify the location of their patients in real-time. 


Our Recent Use Case in Hospital Asset Management Solution


We developed an IoT solution based on TIHM(Technology Integrated Healthcare Management) for dementia patients. We used proximity and motion sensors to detect patients taking their pills in time. We also used IoT fall detection sensors to deliver data to the patient’s family in case of a mishap. The patient’s families get access to patient’s fitness data through the wearables attached to their bodies. The patients can themselves control their health and wellbeing through insights and alerts shared on their smartphones.  

IoT asset management solution based on THIM 

Education Asset Tracking Software: Make classroom management for education providers easier with Oodles education asset tracking software. We enable schools to use IoT based asset tracking software to de-clutter classroom supplies, calculators, books easily and effectively. Our solution includes real-time asset tracking of laboratory equipment available within the university campus.  


Other Asset Tracking Technologies We Use


IoT enabled asset tracking technologies have replaced expensive legacy asset tracking systems with next-generation flexible and customizable solutions. Let’s explore some of these technologies.


Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Technologies: we deliver IoT asset tracking solutions using LPWA to communicate over large at a low bit rate. LPWA connects sensors and controllers to the internet without a traditional WiFi or cellular. The device is capable of processing power memory requirements having longer battery life.


Advanced Wireless Modules: We utilize the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning modules to fix locations more accurately and speed up the time to-first-fix through GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation networks. 


Embedding IoT sensors enable companies to identify the location of their assets. Smart IoT solutions monitor the movement of assets in real-time with the aid of the RFID sensor attached to them. IoT occupancy sensors are used to assess the availability of raw material inside warehouses for optimal production. Businesses can also use detection sensors to evaluate suspicious activities during night shifts. 


Looking for a secure IoT solution for efficient tracking of assets at hospitals, schools, or organizations? Contact Oodles Technologies, we are a seasoned IoT Development company. We provide enterprise-grade consumer IoT applications that harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics. Our IoT solutions provide business efficiency and improved services. We build smart products including home automation, security systems, industrial IoT and more. Contact us today!   

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