Image Upload functionality test cases

Posted By : Pratiksha Saxena | 12-Jun-2016

Nowadays most of the applications have Image upload functionality.So here I am going to share major test cases for image upload functionality, which should be executed once while testing Image upload functionality.


Manual Test Cases for Image upload functionality:


1.Firstly, check Image upload path.

2.Test the Image Upload feature with image files of different extensions like PNG, BMP, JPEG etc.

3.Test with the image whose names contain space or some special characters.

4.Upload a duplicate name image.

5.To test that if user can see  the uplaoded images.

6.Check image upload with image size greater than the maximum allowed size.Proper message should be displayed.

7.Check image upload feature with file types other than images like txt, doc, exe, pdf etc.

8.Test with the images of specific width and height if specified are accepted otherwise rejected.

9.There should be a progress bar for large size images.

10.Test for the cancel button functionality is working in between while uploading the image.

11.Check the file selection dialog shows only supported files listed.

12.Check multiple images upload functionality.

13.test for the image quality after upload.The quality of the image should not be changed after uploading the image.


These are the enough test cases which cover all major functionality of Image Upload feature.



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